Discovering Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

Hey there, I am Favine the Penguin King, an old friend of the gang here at Hero-Club. I previously worked with these guys during the old Herotaku days, and some of them further back at Rajio Nihon. Originally I had planned to go to the most recent Power Morphicon to catch up with old friends. However, most of my friends cancelled going, but Wheelz called in a favor asking if I could do press coverage. So, I gladly accepted the offer, and heading into Power Morphicon doing what I used to as a journalist.


Now, I have been away from the Power Rangers fandom for sometime, and have missed out on recent things. When I arrived at the convention, and was waiting during registration, a friend introduced me to Heroes of the Grid. Like I said before, I missed out on things, and this tabletop game was sadly one of them. Whereas, looking at Hero-Club, the regular crew here know what is going on with the game and its expansions. Especially, Soundout who has videos dedicated to the game, and Zeltrax who custom paints the figures for other fans.


Anyway, I got a chance to play a round of the game with a crew member from Renegade Game Studios. Though I was new to the game, I found it very easy to learn and it was overly enjoyable. Also, what helps is the crew members working at the booth help ease in most new players. During the round, I chose to play as a childhood favorite, Zack Taylor the original Mighty Morphin Black Ranger. I briefly got knockout but was able to get ‘BACK TO ACTION,’ and help my teammates defeat some Puttys.

What I came to enjoy about Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, is how it focuses on teamwork between the players. To further elaborate, the gameplay heavily relies on players discussing how to coordinate their attacks and deal damage to enemies. Also, players need to focus on conserving their abilities, as their use can be limited per turn or game. Especially, since rounds can intensify depending on if the team is separated, or if a Ranger is singled out. So, like the series, if players communicate and work together, then they can defeat any enemy like the Power Rangers.


Honestly with Heroes of the Grid being easy to learn, I believe it is a good entry into tabletop gaming. Especially, for people who are not usually into games like Dungeons & Dragons, this game is simple and fun. So, I highly recommend this game, including its various expansions that focus on other seasons in Power Rangers’ history. When purchasing the base set with an expansion, players can adapt it to play out a later season like Zeo. Whereas, if fans purchase more than one expansion, epic crossovers can be created, like Shattered Grid event from the comics.


Currently, people can purchase copies of the base game and its expansions from Renegade Game Studios’ official store. Also, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid can be purchased at physical retailers like Gamestop or Barnes & Noble. In addition, Amazon and online hobby stores carry Heroes of the Grid along with other titles from Renegade Games Studios. Furthermore, while attending Power Morphicon, I managed to interview the lead game designer Jonathan Ying. However, the interview is not ready to be publish yet, as it is being edited by our staff members. So, we hope that fans will look forward to the interview appearing within the next few weeks. Nevertheless, readers please continue to support the site, and follow Hero-Club across social media using @HeroClub4Life!

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