Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō to Receive Anime Adaptation

Recently the official Champion Red magazine website has updated with the announcement that the Saint Saiya: Saintia Sho spinoff manga by Chimaki Kuori will be adapted into an anime series.  Currently it is unknown what format of anime it will be adapted into, but it is interesting to see another spinoff manga for the series to get adapted into some kind of anime form.   saint-seiya-saintia-sho-manga

The manga series’ setting takes place immediately after the events of the Sanctuary arc and after the defeat of Gemini Saga.  The series takes place before the Poseidon arc and features the main female saint “Saintia” who calls herself Sho.    Similar to the main team of saints she fights against evil gods to protect Athena.

Source: ANN, Champion Red


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