Samuel L. Jackson to Play Nick Fury in Disney+ Series

Variety has reported that Samuel L. Jackson will be returning to reprise his role as Nick Fury in an upcoming series that will be streamed on Disney+. Currently it is unknown what the series will entail, however according to the reports Kyle Bradstreet will be the writer and executive producer on the project. This is pretty exciting news as Nick Fury was mostly delegated to cameo appearances throughout the years ever since Captain America: Winter Solider. Nick Fury did have more of a presence in Spider-Man: Far From Home, albeit in disguised form.

Keep in mind this part of the article contains spoilers so read at your own discretion.

Nick Fury also recently made an appearance in the post credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he was on a Skrull ship somewhere in space.

The series will be among the various MCU projects that will be streamed on Disney+ starting with Wandavision

Source: Variety 


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