Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy’s Story, Release Date & Cast Revealed

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Tsuburaya Productions recently announced the release date for their upcoming YouTube web-series, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. In addition, to the release date the official synopsis and the cast has also been confirmed. Now, the series will premiere on Sunday, November 22 on the official Tsuburaya Productions channel. The series synopsis has been broken down into three arcs, however these descriptions may contain various spoilers. So, we recommend that readers should continue at their own discretion.


Arc 1

We open on Galaxy Rescue Force’s elite Ultraman Ribut during his days as a Civilization Guardian. Together with Ultraman Max, Ribut senses a strange presence on a mysterious planet: a trap set by an enemy seeking revenge! Max defends Ribut, putting himself in danger! But they’re not the only ones in peril! At the same exact time, the horror known as Leugocyte returns to assault Ultraman 80 and Yullian!


This is just the beginning of the “Absolute Conspiracy!” Will Ribut be able to save Max and put an end to this enemy’s threat? What is to come of 80 and Yullian’s battle? And who is Absolute Tartarus, the mysterious golden giant working behind the scenes?


Arc 2

Thousands of years before the events of Chapter 1, in the era of the Great Ultra War, there was a ferocious battle that unfolded between the Land of Light and Alien Empera’s monster army. Ultraman Ken (later the Father of Ultra) and Ultraman Belial fought to a stalemate in the course of that conflict; once heroes who stood side-by-side in struggles across the galaxy, Belial had grown unable to accept the distance between them as Ken became captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and won the heart of Ultrawoman Marie (later the Mother of Ultra). Belial began to seek even more power, behaving more and more recklessly…


Who should appear to spur on that conflict but the golden giant Absolute Tartarus! He whispered these fateful words, “Don’t you want to change your fate?” and indeed changed the fate of the universe.


Arc 3

Meanwhile, in another part of the multiverse, Taiga and the Tri-Squad are training across the galaxy after crushing their nemesis, Grimdo, only for “the one who controls Zetton,” the Space Fear-Demon Zett, to appear before them and attack! In the face of the seemingly endless Zettons summoned by the Fear-Demon, the Tri-Squad finds themselves in a desperate situation with no way out!


At the same time, Ultraman Zero and other heroes are devising countermeasures to oppose Absolute Tartarus, the golden giant pulling the strings behind the scenes. The newest member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Ultraman Z (Zett), joins his reliable senior Ultraman Mebius to face down this conspiracy—but at what cost?


Then as for the series cast, we previously knew most of the New Generation Heroes stars were returning to reprise their roles. Whereas, other returning legacy characters were left to be determined on if their actors would reprise their roles. Now, from this cast listing is confirmed that some iconic Showa Ultras are acquiring fresh new voices; for some characters this is a reoccurring issue, but for others it is because they have not had a featured role years. Nevertheless, let us break down the cast listing:

Absolute Tartarus voice by Junichi Suwabe (FMA’s Greed, Bleach’s Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Saint Seiya Omega’s Orion Eden).

This mysterious being hides a terrifying power, plotting behind the scenes. Absolute Tartarus’s body is colored gold in contrast to Ultraman’s silver and seems to have designs on the Land of Light, but his true goal is a mystery. Traversing space and time, he carries out ominous operations behind the scenes in various eras while wielding a mysterious ability called “Narak.”

Hatsunori Hasegawa returns as Ultraman 80! Mr. Hasegawa starred as Takeshi Yamato/ Ultraman 80 in the 9th entry within the franchise, before its television hiatus until the premiere of Ultraman Tiga. Ultraman 80 is a hero who believe that the origin of monsters was from the wicked hearts of mankind, so he sought to focus on saving the hearts of children. Now, he is back to chase after Leugoctye, who attacked Yullian on Planet Kanon. Furthermore, Yullian will be voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (better known as Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger’s Candelilla).

Also, Taiyo Sugiura will return as Ultraman Cosmos! Mr. Sugiura starred as Musashi Haruno/ Ultraman Cosmos in the 16th and longest running entry within the franchise. Ultraman Cosmos was previously seen in the Amazon Prime series, Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga. However, this time Cosmos will joined by his former comrade, Ultraman Justice, but now he will be performed by Megumi Han (previously Ultraman Geed’s Pega).

Father of Ultra/ Ultraman Ken and Mother of Ultra/ Ultrawoman Marie will also return, but they will receive new voices. Hajime Iijima will provide the voice for Father of Ultra, whereas Mother of Ultra/ Ultrawoman Marie will voiced by Suzuko Mimori (previously Ultraman Geed’s REM). Also, Zoffy will return alongside them, and he will be voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi (better known for Digimon Adventure tri.’s Hackmon/ Jesmon). Furthermore, Mr. Takeuchi is the 16th actor to provide the voice of Zoffy in the series’ tenor.

The international Ultras, Ultraman Great and Ultraman Powered, will also appear! Ultraman Great will be voiced by the iconic Tomokazu Seki (Ultra Series’ Glenfire & Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Domon Kasshu). Whereas, Ultraman Powered will be performed by another iconic voice actor, Toshiyuki Morikawa (Naruto’s Minato Namikaze & Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger’s Torin).

Finally, the Space Fear-Demon Zett will make his first appearance within a filmed production, as previously Zett was a stage show exclusive character. Now, performing the voice of Zett is Tomokazu Sugita (the voice of Ultraman Ginga, Gintama’s Gintoki Sakata & Kamen Rider Kiva’s Kivat-bat the 3rd).


Previously confirmed cast include:

Ultraman Zero – Mamoru Miyano

Ultraman Ribut – Wataru Komada 

Ultraman Belial (Early Style) – Yuki Ono

Ultraman Taiga – Takuma Terashima

Ultraman Titas – Satoshi Hino

Ultraman Fuma – Shota Hayama

Ultraman Z (Zett) – Tasuku Hatanaka

Ultrawoman Grigio – Arisa Sonohara

Ultraman Max – Kazuya Nakai

Ultraman Mebius – Jun Fukuyama

Ultraman Hikari – Keiichi Nanba

Ultraman Neos & Ultraseven 21 – To Be Determined


Now, as mentioned before Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will premiere on Sunday, November 22. The series will premiere at 10:00 am JST, and new episodes will each Sunday. The series will consist of 10-episodes in total, as well as episodes will feature English and Chinese closed-caption subtitles. The series is directed by Koichi Sakamoto, and written by Junichiro Ashiki. For those interested in viewing the series, please feel free to subscribe to Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel.


Source: Ultraman Galaxy


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