SDCC 2019: Transformers Walmart Exclusives Announced

The official Transformers facebook page has updated with the announcement of some new figure releases that will be exclusive to Walmart. Currently it is unknown when these figures will be released so check the official Walmart website or your local store in the near future.

The new releases include:

Transformers Siege Voyager Class Classic Animation Optimus Prime



Transformers Siege Voyager Class Classic Animation Megatron



Transformers Siege Voyager Class Soundblaster



Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Bluestreak


Transformers Generation One Soundwave & Buzzsaw


Transformers Generation One Ravage & Rumble



Transformers Generation One Lazerbeak & Frenzy



That’s it for the revealed Walmart exclusives, however stay tuned for the rest of the San Diego Comic Con 2019 coverage.

Source: Transformers

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