She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5 Confirmed as Final Season

Entertainment Weekly has reported that showrunner, Noelle Stevenson has confirmed that the fifth season of the Netflix She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will be the final season for the series. According to Stevenson the fifth season was the planned final season for the series.

Entertainment Weekly also had an interview with Noelle Stevenson who revealed some insight to what viewers can expect for the final season. Some of the highlights include:

Keep in mind the interview does feature some major spoilers for the fourth season of the series so read at your own discretion. 


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Season 5 will be the final season of She-Ra. How do you feel about that? Has everything gone according to plan? Is this how you expected things to end up?

NOELLE STEVENSON: It has been such an incredible journey so far just getting to share these seasons that are already out and seeing the reactions. I do feel very lucky because we knew from the very beginning what our episode order was, so we got to tailor the story very specifically to how long the show was gonna be. It was tailored to be 52 episodes, the length that it is, and that’s a real blessing for a storyteller because it means everything happens when it’s meant to happen. The story definitely evolved along the way, from people who worked on it and following the story threads that seemed right and where the characters led us. We set out with a plan, we executed that plan, so it’s very satisfying to see it wrap up like this. I’m very happy with where we got to with this story. I’m really excited for people to see it. I hope they’ll be as happy as I am.


A lot of big, epic stuff happened at the end of season 4, but the two biggest takeaways seem to be that the She-Ra sword is broken and Horde Prime is here. How would you describe Adora’s mindset going into season 5?

Going into season 5, our board has been wiped clean a little bit. It has been a self-contained world in a self-contained struggle, where the sides of dark and light seemed well-defined at the beginning. But immediately those lines started getting blurred: Characters switched sides, characters who you thought were evil became good and good became evil, and then we started questioning what good and evil even means here. But it was personal for them. They’re fighting people they know, and for people like Adora and Catra they know each other very intimately.  Now suddenly they have a villain who they don’t know. They’re getting exposed to the wider universe. Even people who had been fighting for world domination are suddenly realizing how high the stakes are.

For a lot of them, I think that what they thought they were fighting for has become a little bit irrelevant at this point, including Adora. She assumed that she was this hero, that this was her destiny to balance the planet and save Etheria, and then she finds out her actual purpose is to be the trigger of a gun, and now she’s lost that destiny. But there’s still this huge threat looming, and she has to do something; she has no idea what, she just knows she has to do something. For her and for all of their characters, they’ve been reset a little bit — some of them literally, like Hordak. From all their goals and motivations, a lot of them are left with nothing at this point. All the pretenses and personas that they cultivated for themselves that were false in some ways, that’s all been stripped away. Our characters are gonna have to actually look at themselves, ask hard questions of themselves, and figure it out from there.

The fifth and final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will premiere exclusively on Netflix on May 15.  Those who are interested can check out the full review at the link listed below.

While I personally can’t say the series is the best I have ever seen, I did enjoy what was released so far. The series had some rough edges to iron out and it was clear they did take a bit too long to get the plot going. In conclusion, I did at least feel that the series was worth watching even if it could have been much better if they pushed further into the plot earlier on.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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