Shout Factory & PlutoTV announce “TokuSHOUTsu”

Happy Monday heroes, we have some news when it comes to tokusatsu. Through the joint efforts of Pluto TV and Shout! Factory TV, TokuSHOUTsu a new streaming channel on Pluto TV will be bringing Ultraman, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider to the United States. To quote some of the IGN article which outlines all the specifics.

Beginning at midnight PT on Tuesday, March 17, TokuSHOUTsu can be found on Pluto TV Channel 681 (in the Tech + Geek section). The channel will offer a mix of live, curated content and on-demand episodes of Kamen Rider: Season 1, Ultraman Leo and Super Sentai. The channel will include other original content such as Let’s Talk Toku, a weekly talk show hosted by Squall Charlson, and relevant episodes of the documentary series Backlot that provide behind-the-scenes looks at franchises like Godzilla and Power Rangers.

Above is a three minute clip showcasing the quality of the series along with what fans can expect now that Kamen Rider is coming to the states. It should also be noted that this channel will be free to stream, and there’s a full press release on Shout! Factory’s blog. So, let’s be sure to support them by watching through this streaming service. Hopefully this will lead to more doors opening for DVD/ Blu-Ray releases of series fans want to see. Now, is the time for us to put our money where our mouth is given that we now have the means to watch Kamen Rider legally so let’s go for it. All we can hope for is that the tokusatsu fandom comes together and we can show Pluto TV and Shout! Factory TV that we want more Kamen Rider. Overall, this was news that we did not see coming due to the various rumors/ leaks, but we could not be happier. Most of the staff got into tokusatsu either at birth or in the past two decades, so it’s nice to see something like a streaming service come to fruition. As always readers please let us know what you think down below about TokuSHOUTsu!


Source: IGN

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