Sony Pictures to Produce Live-Action “Knights of the Zodiac” Film

It has been reported that Sony Pictures and Toei Animation are collaborating on a live-action adaptation of the Saint Seiya anime franchise. Currently titled, “Knights of the Zodiac,” the film’s name is derived from the series’ international release for areas like Latin America and North America. However, some international titles for the franchise use the composite title, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac as seen on Netflix.


Also, it has been confirmed that Tomasz Bagiński will direct the film, who is better known for his effect works on Netflix’s “The Witcher.” Furthermore, the first draft of the script is being composed by Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken. Whereas, Andy Cheng has been hired on as the stunt coordinator, fresh off the heels of Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


The confirmed cast members thus far include:

  • Mackenryu as Pegasus Seiya
  • Sean Bean as Alman Kiddo
  • Madison Iseman as Athena Sienna
  • Diego Tinoco as Hitman
  • Nick Stahl – TBD
  • Famke Janssen – TBD
  • Mark Dacascos TBD

The Hollywood Reporter has also provided a short synopsis for the film.

Mackenyu is starring as Seiya, a street orphan and the title hero of the franchise. When a mystical energy known as Cosmo awakens in him, Seiya embarks on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek armor of Pegasus and choose his side in a preternatural battle for the fate of Sienna (Iseman), a young girl who struggles to control her godly powers.


Bean plays a mentor named Alman Kiddo, a man who recruits Seiya into the Knights order, which he founded when he discovered the reincarnated goddess. Tinoco is a man hired to kill the vulnerable goddess.

Unfortunately, no other details about the film have been confirmed at this time, so please stay tuned for future updates.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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