Storm: Dawn of a Goddess Announced

Storm using her powers in front of a building.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Some news coming out of Marvel is that they announced an upcoming Young Adult novel which is set to come out June 4, 2024 titled “Storm: Dawn of a Goddess”.  Here’s the synopsis for the upcoming series. The writer for this series is Tiffany D Jackson, a New York Times bestselling author of Grown, Monday’s Not Coming, Allegedly. Along with the book called White Smoke, The Weight of Blood.

Before she was the super hero Storm of Marvel’s X-Men, she was Ororo of Cairo—a teenaged thief on the streets of Egypt, until her growing powers catch the eye of a villain who steals people’s souls. An epic origin story that will blow you away, from the New York Times bestselling author of Monday’s Not Coming.

We also have the cover image for the upcoming series which looks pretty cool if you ask me.

Storm using her powers in front of a building.

For those that do read YA novels, let us know if you’re excited to pre-order this series. I don’t read to many YA novels, not really my realm but I might check this out. I do love Storm and would love to see more of her time before she became an X-Men.

Source: Marvel

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