Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Streamed

Recently Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that focused on Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For those who are not aware, the game was originally revealed at the end of the June 2023 Nintendo Direct.

The direct first focused on the setting of the game, which will take place in the Flower Kingdom. Bowser has appeared and taken control of the Wonder Flower and merged with Prince Florian’s castle. Several citizens of the kingdom have also been captured and it is up to Mario and his friends to save the kingdom.

The direct then revealed a deeper look at some of the seven main areas of the game, which include but not limited to:

  • Pipe-Rock Plateau
  • Fluff Puff Peaks
  • Shining Falls
  • Petal Isles

Players will also be to choose any level and walk freely on the map, which is similar to many of the previous 3D titles.  Players will also be able to choose the levels in the course menu.

The direct then took a look at the various playable characters in the game, which include:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Two Toads
  • Toadette
  • Yoshi
  • Nabbit

Players will choose Nabbit or Yoshi won’t be able to be hit by enemies, however they can still lose lives if they fall into pits. Yoshi will also be able to flutter jump and eat enemies.

The direct also revealed a look at some of the new enemies, which include:

  • Hoppycats – Copy players and follow their jump movements
  • Melon Piranha Plants – Spits seeds from their mouths
  • Condarts – Fly at players and get stuck on walls
  • Konks –  Slam down even through goo
  • Mumsies – Tall enemies that can be unraveled
  • Maw-Maws – Eat anything that gets close to them

The direct then revealed a look at some of the new power-ups including the previously revealed Elephant form. In this form players will be able to spray water on some of the talking flowers and hit enemies with their noses. In this form players will also be able to destroy blocks. In the Bubble form players will be able to capture enemies from afar and jump off them like platforms.  The Drill form will allow players to dig into the ground or the ceiling.  Players will also be able to hold onto forms and swap between them.

Next, the direct took a deeper look at the Wonder Flower, which will change the environment via the Wonder Effect. Other changes include transforming into various enemies and more will happen. By collecting the Wonder Seed the level will revert back to its original state and players will also receive a Wonder Seed at the end of levels. The Wonder Seeds can also be used to open new levels.

The direct then revealed a look at Badges. Players will be able to use a single badge before entering levels to grant them various upgrades.

The revealed badges include:

  • Parachute Cap – Slows descent
  • Wall Climp Jump – Enhances Wall Jump
  • Dolphin Kick – Swim faster and players can destroy blocks underwater
  • Croching High Jump – Charge up jumps to jump higher
  • Grappling Vine – Shot vines in mid-air and stick to walls
  • Safety Bounce –  Recover from dangerous drops
  • Sensor – Find secrets easier
  • Coin Magnet – Brings coins to players
  • Invisibility – Turn invisible
  • Jet Run – Continuous running

Players will be able to obtain new badges via Badge Challenge Courses or purchased from Poplin Shops.

Next, the direct took a look at the multiplayer options. Players will be able to play locally to up to four players.  Players will also be able to save other players if they have contact with them before the timer runs out. The online system is a bit different in this game, however. Players will be able to see other players online via “Live Player Shadows.” Players will be able to interact with these “shadows” by sending messages, giving items, and help players who are defeated. Players will receive heart points depending on the amount of players then helped online and also can receive them by finishing levels alongside other players online. Players will also be able to race each other to the finish goals.

Lastly, the direct revealed a look at the Nintendo Switch Oled Mario Edition, which will be released on October 6, 2023.

Source: Nintendo

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