Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update Trailer Streamed

Nintendo recently released a new update trailer for Super Mario Maker 2, which will add a huge variety of new features. First, the trailer featured a look at some of the new power ups that will be added to the game in the upcoming update.

The power ups include:

  • SMB2 Mushroom – Transforms Mario into his Super Mario Bros. 2 North American incarnation. With this power up Mario will be able to stand on enemies or pick them up like he does in Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • Frog Suit – The iconic suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 makes its return. Mario will be able to jump like a frog and will be able to swim faster in water. Additionally he will be able to run on the surface of the water.
  • Power Balloon – The Power Balloon from Super Mario World will also be making its’ return. The power up allows Mario to inflate like a balloon and will be able to float through obstacles.
  • Super Acorn – This suit, which debuted in New Super Mario Bros. U, allows Mario to become Squirrel Mario. With the suit he is able to fly in the air and slowly decent down.
  • Boomerang Flower –  The Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D Land allows Mario to throw boomerangs at enemies and objects.

The update will also feature the return of several of the iconic wearable items across the various Mario titles.

These include:

  • Cannon Box – The Cannon Box from Super Mario 3D World equips Mario with the ability to shoot cannonballs at enemies or objects. By charging the attack the cannonballs will be able to shoot farther.
  • Propeller Box – The Propeller Box from Super Mario 3D Land allows Mario to quickly spin and jump up higher or rush down faster.
  • Red Pow Box – The Red Pow Box is a new wearable mask that will be introduced with the new update. The Red Pow Box will allow Mario to quickly break several boxes or more with up to three uses.
  • Goomba Mask – The Goomba Mask from Super Mario 3D World will also be making an appearance. The mask will disguise yourself as a Goomba so enemies will not attack you.
  • Bullet Bill Mask – This mask is another new creation that will be introduced in the upcoming update. This mask will allow Mario the ability of horizontal flight.

Next, the trailer revealed that Koopalings will be added to the game in the upcoming update. Each Koopaling will have their own unique abilities.

Fourthly, the update revealed the various new parts that will be added to the game within the update.

The parts include:

  • Cursed Key – This item will also feature the return of Phanto from Super Mario Bros. 2. Similar to how in functioned in that game, players will need to quickly bring the key to the locked door before they are attacked by the Phanto.
  • ON/ OFF Trampoline – By activating switches players will be able to turn on and off the bouncy effects of trampolines.
  • Mechakoopa – The Mechakoopas from Super Mario World have returned. The Green Mechakoopas will function like they did in previous titles, however two new versions will be introduced as well. The Red Mechakoopas will be able to shoot homing missiles while the Blue Mechakoopas shoot lasers. The Blue Mechakoopas will also feature jets when used in the “Night Theme.”

Fifthly, a new mode called “World Maker” will be introduced in the update. While it wasn’t possibly previously, players will be able to create up to eight worlds with up to 40 stages. Players can use a variety of features such as hills and bridges to create unique worlds. Players will also also the various stages they created to fill out each of the worlds. Additional features include the ability to place in bonus stages as well as warp pipes that can be used to access other stages. The world themes include: underground, desert, snow, sky, forest, volcano, and space.

The free update will be available on April 22. 

Source: Nintendo


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