Super Sentai Artisan Gosei Sentai Dairanger DX Won Tiger Revealed

Recently a new figure-oh scan has surfaced online which reveals a first full look at Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger.  For those are unaware Won Tiger is the Mythical Chi Beast under the command of KibaRanger. Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger will include the Seven Legendary Chi Treasure Pearlsthe Golden Sword, and a mini-figure of KibaRanger that can be attached to the head of Won Tiger. Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger will also be able to combine with Dairen’Oh to form Nova Gattai Kiba DaiOh. Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger will be released as a Premium Bandai exclusive priced at 14,400 yen and pre-orders will open in Japan on November 24. The item will be released in August 2018. 

Source: Erasu



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