Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Arms Character Streamed

Masahiro Sakurai recently held a special presentation, which revealed the first fighter that will be apart of Fighters Pass 2. For those who are not aware, Sakurai confirmed that the first character that will be introduced as a part of the second fighters pass would be a character from Arms. At the time Nintendo confirmed that the fighter would be shown sometime in June. Today it has been revealed that Min Min will be the fighter that will be introduced in Fighters Pass 2.


Her moveset includes:

  • A Button – Left ARM Punch
  • Smash Attack – Strong Left ARM Punch (Players can tilt this attack and can be used while jumping, Can use Smash and Normal Inputs, Can also bend)
  • B Button – Right ARM Punch (Can be used as apart of combos using the A and B Buttons)
  • Mash A + B – Consecutive smash attacks (She will be good at far ranged attacks, however is weaker close range. Her attacks can not be countered, but easy to dodge)
  • B Left B Right – Control Arms 
  • B Up B Down – Execute Special moves
  • Hold Down + B – ARMS change (Only right arm changes)
  • Grab – Grab your opponents from afar similar to the ARMS game
  • Midair Neutral – Different depending on the ARM used
  • A / B – Able to alternate between ARMs.
  • Tap A Quickly – Kicks
  • Tap A repetitively for Kung Fu Combo (Hold A Punch Hold B Kick for combos)
  • Up tilt attack – Wheel Kick
  • Up Smash attack – Somersault Kick (Can reflect projectiles)
  • Dash Attack – Jumping Kick
  • Down tilt attack – Slide
  • Down Smash attack – Two – Way Kick
  • Up Air Attack – Midair somersault kick
  • Down Air Attack – Dive Kick
  • Up Air Special – ARMS Jump (Can be angled)
  • Hold Up B (Midair) – ARM Hook (Can be used for recovery)

Next, he explained the different types of ARMS that Min Min can use.

The ARMS include:

  • Ramram – Has far range but relatively weak 
  • Megavolt – Strong and slow attacks
  • Dragon – Hold Smash Attack to activate its’ laser

Thirdly, Sakurai revealed Min Min’s final smash. Her final smash will known as ARMS Rush. This move will bring several of the other characters from ARMS helping her out leading to her using her Dragon ARMS for the final blow.

Fourthly, Sakurai revealed Min Min’s stage, which is called Spring Stadium. The stage will feature springs on the sides of the stadium that can used to attack opponents who are nearby. Players will also be able to strike opponents on the ceiling as well. Additionally, when players decide to use items they will appear via ARMS Drones. The ARMS Drones will drop boxes that need to be destroyed in order to use the item inside.

Fifth, Sakurai revealed the music track list that will be included with Mim Min.

The tracks include:

  • ARMS Grand Prix Theme Song
  • Spring Stadium
  • Ramen Bowl
  • Ribbon Ring
  • Ninja College
  • Mausoleum
  • Scrapyard
  • Cinema Deux
  • Buster Beach
  • Snake Park
  • DNA Lab
  • Sky Arena
  • Via Dolce
  • Temple Grounds
  • Sparring Ring
  • VS. Headlok
  • ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle

Sixth, Sakurai revealed that Min Min will be available starting on June 29. She will be available as apart of Fighters Pass 2 or available separately for $5.99.

Seventh, Sakurai revealed that next round of DLC Mii Fighter costumes. The costumes will be available on June 29 as well and will not be apart of the Fighters Pass. Each Mii Fighter costume will be priced at $.75 each.

The costumes include:

  • Ninjara (Brawler) – ARMS
  • Heihachi (Brawler) – Tekken
  • Callie (Brawler) – Splatoon
  • Marie (Gunner) – Splatoon
  • Vault Boy (Gunner) – Fallout 

Eighth, Sakurai revealed some new updates to the Spirit Board. Players will now be able to directly rematch the various spirits in the collection. Additionally, the Smash Bros. design team revealed some hints for some of the harder Spirit Battles via a special video.

Lastly, Sakurai revealed the first two DLC Amiibo. Joker and Hero will be the first two released and are set to release this Fall.

Source: Nintendo

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