Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve Character Presentation Streamed

Masahiro Sakurai recently held a Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation, which featured a look at Steve, who is the second fighter that will be available in the second Fighters Pass.

First, Sakurai took a look at several of Steve/ Alex’s basic functions such as their taunts. Sakurai also confirmed that Steve/ Alex will have a poor basic jump, however their mid-air jump will help increase their jump range. Their jumps can be used in conjunction with block summons. Additionally, Sakurai confirmed that Steve and Alex will have three alt skins with the final two skins being the Zombie and the Enderman. There will be a bar above Steve/ Alex’s character model that will show what materials they currently have. Similar to the actual Minecraft game, players will need to get the correct materials to create tools such as four pieces of Iron to create an Iron tool.

Next, Sakurai took a look at his moveset, which includes:

  • Neutral, Smash, Air Attacks – Summons Sword
    Hold Attack Button to continue sword swing while moving
    Can be used to attack opponents repeatedly
    Can also be used while jumping
    Sword can also be used as an edge grab
  • Side Smash – Sweep Attack
    Has a wider range compared to his standard sword attack and has high launch power
  • Up Smash – Axe
    Can destroy objects such as trees on the Minecraft Stage
    Hold Attack button down to continue axe swings
    Can be use as an up tilt to juggle opponents
  • Pickaxe
    Can be used to mine materials from the ground or craft weapons using the crafting table
    Pickaxe is also used for dash, forward, and back air attacks – High launch power
    Forward attack has a meteor effect
    Back air attack has high launch and knockback power
    Pickaxe can be used in the air, however it may start out as a sword
  • Crafting
    By using the crafting table Steve/ Alex can craft weapons using different materials
    Equipment will power up in the following order – Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond
    Weapons can break leaving Steve/ Alex to attack with his/ her barehands
    Weapons break independently so they can use a sword or axe depending on what is broken or not
    Stages will feature different landscapes so depending on the landscape it will feature different mined materials (Example Corneria Stage will summon mostly iron)
  • Down Tilt – Summons flint and fire (Works similar to PK Fire and gets affected by gravity)
    Attack lasts a long time and can be used to block projectiles
    Can also be used as an edge guard
  • Up Smash – Summons Magma Block
    Attack lasts a long time and does not need any materials
    Can be used to attack aerial opponents, however leaves Steve/ Alex vulnerable to attacks on land
    Can be summoned through platforms
  • Down Smash – Lava Bucket
    Has high length but low launch power
  • Down Air – Summon Anvil
    Uses one piece of iron to summon an Anvil that has a powerful falling attack
    Works like Kirby’s stone attack and can be canceled midway
  • Grab – Fishing Rod
    When grabbed opponents will be trapped in a fence
    Forward and up throws will summon a piston to launch opponents
    Forward throw is low and up goes straight up
    Can be use in a combo with the Anvil, however without iron it will just leave to a weak throw
  • Neutral Special – Mine, Craft, Create Block
    On ground – Mine
    Next to Crafting Table – Craft
    Mid-Air – Create Block
    Depending on stage landscape Steve/ Alex will summon an Axe or Shovel
    They can also mine on walls
    On Omega and Alpha Stages materials will appear at a predetermined rate
    Limited amount of materials can be stored at a time so extra materials will be discarded
    Crafting Table will be summoned on the stage when the battle starts
    Press B near crafting table to start crafting
    All weapons get crafted at the same time
    Materials will be mined at a set order
    Attacks can destroy the Crafting Table but will respawn
  • Shield + B – Summons Crafting Table
    Cannot summon Crating Table while dodging
  • Press B in Air – Create Blocks
    Hold B in Air Continuously Create Blocks
    Blocks will break when climbed on
    Blocks can be created off the stage, however have a limited range
  • Side Special – Minecart
    Needs Iron to create as well as other materials to craft rails – Without materials the cart cannot move
    The cart has a hard time climbing hills
    Using Gold and Redstone Steve/ Alex can craft a “Powered Rail”
    Jump out of the cart in order to trap opponents in it – The more damage the longer the opponent will stay in the cart
  • Recovery – Elytra
    Summons a rocket in the first unfold the Elytra
    Can be tilted to angle movement
    No materials are required to use the Elytra and can be used multiple times
    Elytra will fall off after a certain amount of time
  • Down Special – TNT (Uses Redstone)
    The TNT will also summon a pressure plate, which will cause the TNT to auto detonate when activated
    Players standing on the plate will not be flung as far as opponents who are near the TNT
    Fire attacks can activate the TNT
    Can be used as a combo with the Mine Cart
  • Final Smash – House of Boom – Opponents will be trapped in a house, which will explode thanks to the Creepers
  • Kirby becomes a square when he swallows Steve/ Alex

Thirdly, Sakurai took a look at the Minecraft stage, which will be known as Minecraft World. The various terrains will feature different stage layouts, which in turn will give Steve/ Alex different materials. Objects such as trees will not return after they have been mined or destroyed in battle. Different material patches can be found hidden underneath the terrain.

The stage will feature six variations, which include:

  • Plains
  • Birch Forest
  • Savanna
  • Taiga
  • Snowy Tundra
  • Stone Shore

Continuing on, Sakurai revealed the music tracks that will be included with Steve/ Alex.

The music tracks include:

  • Halland/ Darlarna
  • Earth Clockwork Crafter
  • Toys on a Tear
  • Dance of the Blocks
  • Glide
  • The Arch-llager 

Fifth, Sakurai revealed that Steve/ Alex will be available on October 13. The character will be apart of the second Fighters Pass and will also be available separately priced at $5.99.

Sixth, Sakurai revealed the next round of Mii Fighter Costumes. Each costume will be priced at $.75 each and will also be available on October 13. None of the costumes will be apart of the Fighters Pass.

The Mii Fighter costumes include:

  • Creeper (Minecraft)
  • Pig (Minecraft)
  • Diamond Armor (Minecraft)
  • Gil (The Tower of Druaga)
  • Bomberman (Bomberman) – With Alt Costumes
  • Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

Lastly, Sakurai revealed the final Fighters Pass 1 Amiibos including Banjo & Kazooie, Terry Bogard, and Byleth. Unfortunately, he also confirmed that the Amiibos will not have Player Two variants.

Source: Nintendo

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