Supergirl Casts Brainiac 5

Happy Monday heroes! We have some casting news for Supergirl. It was announced today that Brainiac 5 has been cast for the television series. Actor Jesse Rath will be playing the this Legion of Superhero character. Here’s a bit about what we know about Brainiac 5 in the show.

Brainiac 5 on the upcoming Supergirl season 3 episode ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ (the tenth episode for this season). ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ will introduce the half-computer, half-organic being as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who hale from the 31st Century and travel back in time to modern-day National City, in order to help Kara in her battle against Reign (Odette Annable) – the Worldkiller that newly minted L-Corp CEO and single mom Samantha Arias has already begun to transform into

So it seems like we might be getting the Legion of Superheroes episode I’ve always wanted. Color me excited guys as I can’t wait to see it happen. I haven’t been watching Supergirl weekly but I might just get back on that ship. All we need now is Lightning Lad and Bouncing Boy. Anyway heroes, let us know what you think down below.


Source: Screen Rant

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