Takara Tomy – Original Beyblades to Release in Beyblade Burst Toyline

Takara Tomy has recently announced that they will be releasing new versions of some of the original Beyblades in the Beyblade Burst toyline.  So far they confirmed that Dranzer, Driger, and Draciel will be released in the Beyblade Burst toyline.

Beyblade Burst Draciel Driger Dranzer

“Driger S.H.F.” will be first of the three to be released in October.  “Dranzer S.S.T.” will be released in November and  “Draciel S.C.P.” will be released in December.  Each Beyblade will include a layer, a disc, a driver, a sticker, along with an instruction manual. They will retail for 900 Yen, however only “Dranzer S.S.T.” will be released singly.  The other two will be released in the random booster series, which will include 1 out of 8 different models.

Source: Crunchyroll

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