The Drop Episode 7: EVO 2017 Wrap Up

The biggest fighting game event in the world EVO 2017 ran its course this past weekend. During that time news was revealed, friends were made, and a whole lot of video game punches were thrown. In today’s episode of The Drop, I run through the major news that was revealed by Arc System Works, Namco Bandai, Arika, and Capcom. This pertains to the various new characters, and the brand new game that was announced following the tournaments.

What was also interesting was that almost each tournament had its own story-lines, or background for its competitors. There was R/Kappa sponsoring Tomo for Guilty GearStreet Fighter V’s Punk made it further than any other American, and KOF’s whole top 8 were phenomenal! In addition, the fights were incredible such as the double K.O. in the Tekken grand finals. Now, sit back and let me fill you in on the world of the fighting game community during its biggest event.

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