The Mandalorian Cast Rosario Dawson as Ashoka Tano

Today, we have some amazing casting news, as Rosario Dawson is set to be playing Ashoka Tano in the upcoming season of The Mandalorian. I know fans have been wanting this since someone on Twitter mentioned it back in 2017. Then ever since fans have ran off with that fan-casting and wanting to see it become a reality. Now, I could not be happier to see this happen after everyone got behind this idea. Also, it should be noted that this will be the first time fans will get to see Ashoka Tano in live-action format, and for it to be done by Dave Filoni is perfect. In case fans do not know, Dave Filoni co-created the character for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and since then Ashoka has become a fan favorite.

Credit to AwesomEmergency on Twitter for the photo

Final thoughts, I could not be more excited for this to happen. Also, a huge thanks to SlashFilms for getting the exclusive. It should be noted that The Mandalorian is still set to come out this October, but that may change given current circumstances. Anyways, until the next casting news, I am Ben and I’m out of here.


Source: SlashFilms

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