Time Boukan 24 Premiere Date Announced

The official website for the Tatsunoko Productions series titled “, Time Boukan 24,” has recently announced that it will premiere on Yomiuri TV / Nihon TV and their affiliates on October 1 at 7:30 PM JST.   The series is apart of the 55th anniversary of the company and is the latest series in the Time Bokan franchise. The original series premiered in Japan in 1975 and lasted 61 episodes. The mecha and character designs of the original series was helm by Level-5 who is well known for developing the Yo-Kai Watch and the Professor Layton franchise.  Akihiro Hino, president of Level-5, will be in charge as the creative producer for the new series.

Time Bokan 24 Visual Tatsunoko

Time Boukan 24 features a first grade junior high student named Tokio living in the 24th century.  He is soon welcomed as a member of the Time Administration Bureau, where he discovers the “Shin Rekishi (True History).”  He is joined by his female companion named Karen as well as the 24 Bokan mechas.  It has also been revealed that Eri Kitamura, Hiroaki Hirata, and Kenta Miyake who portrayed the villains in Yoru no Yatterman series in 2015 will be playing the new villains in Time Bokan 24.  They will play Bijamo, Tsubuyakky and Suzukky.

A trailer was also posted on the official YTV Youtube channel voiced by veteran voice actor, Shigeru Chiba.


Source: Crunchyroll, Official Time Bokan 24 Website




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