Titans Cast Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon

In some casting news we’ve learned thanks to Variety that Savannah Welch is set to play Barbara Gordon in Titans season three. We knew that Barbara was coming to the show thanks to some interviews about the upcoming season during the DC Comics online convention they held last year. We also know that Titans season three will feature Jason Todd becoming Red Hood. Blackfire is set to be an antagonist as well. Finally, Scarecrow is set to come into the Titans universe. With season three going to be more “Gotham” centric I can see why you would bring in someone from Batman’s rogues gallery.

Overall, I’m interested in seeing what Titans season three will bring to the table. I know they just finished wrapping up filming for season three last month. So we could expect the season sometime this fall or winter. With a trailer coming out over the summer I’m assuming. Then again with Titans being on HBO Max instead of the DC Universe app. I have no clue what HBO protocol will be now that they have more original content coming from DC Comics. Either way, I’m looking forward to Titans season three after a rocky start with both seasons.

Source: Variety

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