[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Lockseed Team Baron Set

Premium Bandai has updated with an official pre-order page for the Complete Selection Modification Lockseed Team Baron Set. As the name suggests the set will include the various Lockseeds used by the members of Team Baron in Kamen Rider Gaim. The set follows up the previously announced Lockseed Charmant set; like that set the Lockseeds and plates included in this set will be able to function with the Complete Selection Modification Sengoku Driver & Sengoku Driver Project Ark Edition. Now, keep in mind that these Lockseeds and plates are not compatible with the original DX releases.

The set includes:

  • Banana Lockseed
  • Mango Lockseed
  • Kurumi Lockseed
  • Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed
  • Marron Energy Lock Seed
  • Baron Plate
  • Proto Baron Plate
  • Blank (Knuckle) Plate

Pre-orders for the Complete Selection Modification Lockseed Team Baron Set will open soon in Japan and will close on March 9, 2021. Orders for this set are priced at 12,650 yen, and they will be released in July 21, 2021Those who are interested in pre-ordering this set early should contact their preferred middleman. Whereas, those who are willing to wait in North America can check out more details from Team Rider/ Bluefin Brands’ release.

Source: Premium Bandai 

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