Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Today, we got the teaser trailer for Titans season three which is set to air on HBO Max August 12th, 2021. Now, what we know about this upcoming season is that Scarecrow is one of main villains along with Blackfire. Also, we do know Red Hood is coming and we get a glimpse as to how it happens in this teaser. Hopefully HBO Max will release a full trailer soon, so we can see more of our cast of characters.

Overall, I am optimistic about this season. The first two seasons were not my favorite, as I felt more could have been done. Especially if they were given 26 episodes or at least 20 to tell a solid story. We need more to fill out some character moments and interactions. Yet, here is hoping that being on HBO Max will give us a nice step-up in terms of quality.

Source: YouTube

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