Ultraman Trigger “Ultimate Trailer,” Additional Cast & Spin-offs Announced

Yesterday, Tsuburaya Productions released a new trailer for their upcoming series, Ultraman Trigger. The series is the next installment in the company’s long-lasting Ultra Series, and it is modern reimagining of Ultraman Tiga. The series stars Raiga Terasaka as Kengo Manaka (Ultraman Trigger’s host), who works with GUTS-Select to defend Earth. Now, the new trailer is titled “Ultimate Trailer,” as it introduces the storyline and cast of characters.

Additional Cast Members

The Sizuma Foundation, TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union) & GUTS-Select

The Sizuma Foundation is a global scale mega-conglomerate founded by Mitsukuni Shizuma, that operates to better society. Currently, the Sizuma Foundation is the leading force in space exploration and extraterrestrial archeology. However, through his research, Chairman Mitsukuni discovered a dark power that could threaten the Earth, so he formed the TPU. The TPU organization is union of national governments across the planet working to defend Earth from this impending threat. As a result, the TPU formed an elite defense forced called GUTS-Select, with several branches existing throughout the world. The main branch headquartered in Japan features this expert team:

GUTS-Select Captain Seiya Tatsumi

Captain Tatsumi is known for being able to unite people from various backgrounds, on Earth and throughout the universe. Also, he is renowned for balancing his ability to be a strict, but kind leader having to deal with several diverse personalities. Captain Tatsumi commands GUTS-Select from its anti-monster battleship, Nursedessei. Furthermore, fans may recognize the actor, Katsuya Takagi, from his previous role in Kamen Rider Amazons.


GUTS-Select Member Yuna Shizuma

Yuna is the talented and esteemed daughter of Chairman Mitsukuni, having received several years of private education. Currently, Yuna is the instructor for GUTS-Select’s newest member, Kengo, and she is often seen working with him. However, despite her career in GUTS-Select, Yuna is still a high school student. Whereas the actress, Runa Toyoda, had a cameo in an episode of Mashin Sentai Kirameiger.


GUTS-Select Engineer Akito Hijiri

Akito is the rival to our protagonist Kengo, and he harbors a crush on Yuna having grown up alongside her. Akito is valued for genius-level intelligence and engineering skills by the chairman himself. Akito is responsible for having designed and developed various things in GUTS-Select’s arsenal. Some of Akito inventions include the GUTS Sparklence, GUTS Hyper Keys, and their command center the Nursedessei.

Nursedessei Pilot Tesshin Sakuma 

A hot-blooded fitness nut who is the master pilot controlling the anti-monster battleship, Nursedessei. He lacks the awareness regarding people’s personal space, which becomes a problem for Akito. Tesshin is very direct with Kengo, and as seen as a mentor to him. Also, fans may recognize Tadashi Mizuno for his previous role in Ultraman Geed, as the Galaxy Market’s manager.


GUTS Falcon Operations Specialist Himari Nanase

Himari is the cool beauty in glasses, who holds the title of Falcon Specialist. She is an operation specialist who controls the drone mecha, GUTS Falcon. Normally, Himari is calm and collected, a woman of few words who completes her tasks in silence. However, once Himari gets into the GUTS Falcon control chair and dons her VR goggles her personality drastically changes. Also, Meiku Harukawa previously appeared in Ultraman Ginga S as a guest star in episode 6.


Chairman Mitsukuni Shizuma

The President of the Sizuma Foundation and the founder of TPU, Mistukuni Shizuma is a visionary leader on Earth. Having built the world’s largest conglomerate, Shizuma uses his for fortune to better society. With his foundation’s space exploration and extraterrestrial archeology, Sizuma uncovers a threat to mankind leading to the formation of GUTS-Select. However, lurking deep within his past hides an important secret waiting to be uncovered. Whereas, fans may recognize actor Shin Takuma from various roles in Japanese films including Godzilla 1984.

Alien Metron Marlulu

Marlulu came to Earth from Planet Metron following the establishment of the TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union). Marlulu’s vast knowledge of the universe helps GUTS-Select with their database on other aliens and monsters. While working for GUTS-Select, Marlulu is an operator for the team, but has a sharp tongue despite the cute appearance. Marlulu is voiced by M・A・O (Mao Ichimichi) better known as Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger’s Luka Millfy and Uchu Sentai Kyurannger’s Raptor.


GUTS-Select Mecha

Anti-Monster Battleship “Nursedessei”

The Nursedessei is a mobile operations base used by GUTS-Select, having been designed by Akito. However, its development required the entire culmination of the TPU’s resources. The Nursedessei features a bridge, a mobile command center, and rooms to house its members. Also, it hosts enough rooms to house Akito’s lab, where the mysterious stone from the ancient civilization is analyzed. In addition, the Nursedessei 40-meter long battleship, and it is equipped with a charged particle cannon, titled the “Nurse Cannon.” The vessel’s name is derived from the mechanical dragon Nurse (originally from Ultraseven), and the Artdessei battleship from Ultraman Tiga.


Multipurpose Unmanned Convertible Droader “GUTS Falcon”

The GUTS Falcon is combat mech drone that is docked on the Nursedessei, and piloted by Himari from its bridge. It is a convertible mech with two forms, the “flight mode” and the “hyper mode.” The flight mode is its standard aircraft drone form to be deployed onto the field. Whereas, the hyper mode is its combat form to be used against terrestrial monsters.

Treasure Hunter Ignis 

Ignis is a mysterious treasure hunter from Planet Lishuria, whose race is almost indistinguishable from humans. However, when the race gets emotional, the difference between Earthlings becomes clear. Ignis is fond of saying he searches for only “top-class” treasures, which led him to Earth. Once on Earth, Ignis somehow becomes involved in GUTS-Selects operations, as he searches for an unknown treasure. Ignis is played by Kei Hosogai, who fans better know as the villain Basco ta Jolokia from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


The Dark Giants

Carmeara, the Captivating Warrior

This warrioress is the leader of the Dark Giants that threatened to plunge the world into darkness in ancient times. Carmeara was sealed away alongside her comrades Darrgon and Hudram for 30 million years. However, the trio have been released and once again they have appeared to wreak havoc on Earth. Carmeara uses dark monsters as her henchmen to relentlessly pursue Trigger. Then when she must fight, Carmeara uses her Carmeara Baton to create the deadly Carmeara Whip. Yet, it is still a mystery as to why she pursue Trigger, and how she intends to destroy the world. Whereas, Carmeara is voiced by Sumire Uesaka whose provided her voice to Azur Lane and Girls’ Frontline.


Darrgon, the Herculean Fighter

The brutish fighter among the Dark Giants that values strength above everything else. Darrgon lives only for the thrill of the fight. His signature attack is the “Fire Beat Crusher,” a shockwave of flames sent through the Earth at tremendous destructive power. Darrgon is voiced by Shunichi Maki who has voiced several background characters in various anime titles.


Hudram, the Agile Tactician

The final member of the Dark Giants that appears on Earth alongside Carmeara. Hudram is comparatively weak, but he makes up for it with intelligence and agility. Hudram specializes in psychological warfare, provoking his enemies’ emotions causing them make to mistakes. His signature attack is “the Hudrast,” an overwhelming vacuum wave released from the blade on his arm. Hudram is voiced by Ryosuke Takahashi who provides the voice for Samurai Calibur in SSSS.Gridman.



Also, alongside the release of this new trailer, Tsuburaya Productions announced a few supplementary spin-offs for Ultraman Trigger. The first two spin-off will be exclusively available on the Tsuburaya Imagination streaming service in Japan. Whereas, the third spin-off will be made available on the ULTRAMAN Official YouTube Channel every Saturday at 9:30 am (JST). Below is the official information regarding each spin-off:


The first spin-off, Marlu-Dex will provide fans with information on the Ultras, Kaiju, and mysterious items seen in Ultraman Trigger. As the title suggests, the series will be hosted by GUTS-Select member Alien Metron, Marlulu (voiced by M・A・O).

Secret Origins of the Nursedessei – The Struggle of Special Section 3

The second spin-off does not have an official English title currently, and it will be confirmed later. This series will explain how the Nursedessei was developed and became the control center for GUTS-Select. In addition, the series will follow Marlulu before enlisting to GUTS-Select and her time in the TPU’s Department of Technological Development: Special Section 3. Furthermore, starring alongside M・A・O as Marlulu is Munetoshi Takubo as Masmichi Hotta, and Shio Yamazaki as Terumi Yazaki.

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama

Then releasing on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, is an all-new audio drama featuring the Galaxy Rescue Force. This series will include Ultraman Ribut (voiced by Wataru Komada), Sora (voiced by Megumi Han), and more. Also, there will be additional parts featuring Marlulu. Furthermore, the screenplay is provided by Ultra Series veteran writer Junichiro Ashiki.


Nevertheless, Ultraman Trigger is scheduled to premiere on Ultraman Day, July 10th at 9:00 am JST. The series will be broadcast on TXN in Japan, and most likely be simulcast internationally on YouTube like Ultraman Z. For further updates on the Ultra Series, and other tokusatsu programs please may sure to follow Hero-Club across social media.


Source: Tsuburaya Productions English Site, Ultraman Galaxy (1) & (2)

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