Review: Transformers Generations Titan Returns Legends Class Rumble

Hello Hero Club.  This is Darkon633 and I will bringing you another video review.  Today we will be looking at Transformers Generations Titan Returns Legends Class Rumble.  It is a bit of anomaly that Hasbro has decided to release three of Soundwave’s cassettes in wave 2 of the Titan Returns Legends line. While it is great to see an entire wave filled of Decepticons, what is weird is that Blaster is still missing pretty much of his at this point. Eject was a good choice for the first wave, however seeing as they currently released one non G1 show cassette and one that was so far is a bit strange. Rumble (aka Frenzy) utilizes the already released and mentioned Eject mold so overall there isn’t much else different to expect from the mold. The toy features an appropriate new head sculpt and looks great as an update to the character except for one problem. I wished Hasbro was able to make a new weapon for the character and maybe somehow incorporate the ground pounders, although that in itself is probably a lot to ask for. Regardless I think that this is a great new version of the character and he will work well next to Soundwave as soon as I get him. I got this from BBTS along with the rest of the Wave 2 Legends.

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