Tsuburaya Productions Releases the Ultraman Decker Official Trailer

Earlier today, Tsuburaya Productions released the first official trailer for their next installment in the Ultra Series, Ultraman Decker. The series was officially announced a few months ago, but Ultraman Decker was not unveiled until recently. Whereas, the reveal for the titular was during a teaser trailer following Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z’s conclusion. Now, as most fans assumed, Ultraman Decker will continue the current theme of reimagining the TDG Trilogy, specifically Ultraman Dyna.


So, since Ultraman Decker is reimagining Ultraman Dyna, longtime fans should expect elements of Ultraman Trigger being reused. However, for those unaware, Ultraman Dyna was the immediate sequel to Ultraman Tiga, the basis for Ultraman Trigger. In the series of Ultraman Dyna, several characters from Ultraman Tiga reappeared to continue unfinished plotlines and expand their universe. Whereas, from the initial teaser trailer, audiences already know GUTS Select and the Nursedessi will return in Ultraman Decker. Yet, currently we are unaware which Ultraman Trigger cast members will return as either series regulars or guest stars.

Now, from the official trailer, fans are met by series lead, Kanata Asumi (portrayed by Hiroki Matsumoto) who transforms into Ultraman Decker. Like previous first trailers for Ultra Series, this one focuses on the main transformation device and the Ultra’s forms. To transform into Ultraman Decker, Kanata will use the Ultra D Flasher which activates by scanning the Dimension Cards. Whereas, Ultraman Decker will utilizes three forms called TYPES like Ultraman Dyna, which are similarly named: Flash, Strong, and Miracle. Also, product listings for the deluxe card holder possibly foreshadows that Ultraseven’s Capsule Monsters may make appearances in the series.

In addition, to the trailer Tsuburaya Productions provided a synopsis for the series:

The new TV series Ultraman Decker is a story of new hero Ultraman Decker who never gives up the fight, and the coming-of-age drama of the young adults in the newly-reformed expert team GUTS-Select as they grow together as a team, moving ever forwards to a future filled with hope. Following last year’s popular Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, the new series Decker is set several years later in a time when humanity’s frontier spirit for exploring new worlds has pushed further them into space.


The new hero Ultraman Decker is a Giant of Light who appears on Earth after a sudden attack by “Sphere,” a swarm of mysterious floating space objects. He imparts his light to Kanata Asumi, the newest member of GUTS-Select, newly reformed by the Terrestrial Peaceable Union (TPU). Searching for whatever awaits him when he pushes past his limits, Kanata uses Decker’s light to face up to his many enemies.

Recently confirmed, the lead director will be Masayoshi Takesue who directed several episodes within the Ultra Series’ New Generation Heroes era. Whereas, Mr. Takesue’s most recent production as lead director for the Ultra Series was Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z. Then as for Ultraman Decker series writers, the team will consist of Tsuburaya Productions’ regulars, Toshizo Nemoto and Junichiro Ashiki. Finally, the series is confirmed to make its premiere on TV Tokyo Network on July 9th at 9 am JST. Nevertheless, we will provide more updates on Ultraman Decker when available, so please stay tuned!


Source: Tsuburaya Productions 

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