Tsuburaya Productions Announces Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes Mini-Series

Yesterday, Tsuburaya Productions announced the next installment in their Ultra Fight mini-series, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. This new installment will feature the Ultras that headline the New Generation era of the Ultra series from Ultraman Ginga to Ultraman R/B. The series will act as a sequel to Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, and a prequel to the current series, Ultraman Taiga.


Now, for those unaware, the Ultra Fight series began in 2012 with Ultra Zero Fight, a 23-episode mini-series featuring Ultraman Zero. In the series, Zero obtained new forms as he and the Ultimate Force Zero fought various villainous factions; the end result being, another confrontation with Ultraman Belial. Then in 2015 came Ultra Fight Victory, a 13-episode mini-series where Ultraman Victory obtained his Knight Mode to defeat Juda Spectre and Yapool. The series also was previously released on YouTube with English subtitles, and an English dub produced by William Winckler Productions. Finally, the previous installment, Ultra Fight Orb which aired in 2017, was an 8-episode mini-series. Ultra Fight Orb was sequel to Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds! and prequel to Ultraman Geed. The series features Ultraman Orb teaming up with Ultraman Zero and Ultraseven to defeat Reibatos who sought to destroy the Land of Light. However, Reibatos is defeated and eventually killed by Ultraman Geed, only for Ultraman Geed (the series) to reveal it actually was Ultraman Belial, himself!


Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will feature the official on-screen debut of Ultra Dark Killer, a villain previously seen only in the pachinko game, Ultraman Taro: Revenge of the Dark and at various stage shows. Also, two new evil doppelgangers will appear in the series, Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness. These three Evil Ultras will join forces with Dark Lugiel and Etelgar to form the League of Darkness to combat the New Generation Heroes. Below is the trailer from Tsuburaya Productions:

In addition to the trailer, Tsuburaya Productions released another video which is a short English interview with series director, Koichi Sakamoto; Power Rangers fans will easily recognize Mr. Sakamoto for his directing on the series. Now, in the interview Sakamoto explains how the series will be a YouTube exclusive series. Sakamoto also includes a brief summary on the plot of the series. The interview then transitions to an English version of the trailer:

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will be premiere on YouTube on September 29, 2019. Tsuburaya Productions states that episodes will release each Sundays exactly at 10:00 am JST. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will consist of 13-episodes, as well as be broadcast in both Japanese and English. Yet, no official casts have currently been revealed for either audio broadcasts. Also, Tamashii Nations is teasing a future S.H.Figuarts release for both Ultraman X Darkness Gomora Armor and Ultraman Geed Darkness. However, the teaser is all we have, so stay for any updates regarding the casts and the figures’ release information.

Source: Ultraman Official YouTube Channel

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