Tsuburaya Productions to Simulcast Ultraman Z via YouTube

Today, Tsuburaya Productions announced that they will be simulcasting Ultraman Z with English subtitles via their official YouTube channel. Now, episodes of the upcoming series will be made available each Friday at 8:30 pm EST, following their broadcast in Japan. However, episodes will only be made available for two weeks, so fans need to watch them fast. Nevertheless, Ultraman Z’s (Zett) premiere episode is scheduled to premiere this Friday, June 19. Whereas, the Japanese audience will be able to view the series on TV Tokyo each Saturday at 9:00 am JST. For those unaware, Ultraman Z is the 32nd entry within the Ultra Series, and is the first series post the New Generation Hero saga. Also, the series is part of the Ultraman Zero 10th anniversary celebration, as well as the second series air during the Reiwa Era. Below are official trailers, series synopsis, cast and credits:

Official series synopsis:

Once upon a time, the monsters shattered into space, disrupting the entire universe. While the Ultras fought to regain peace, the mysterious entity abusing this peace and destroying planets one after another continued to move about quietly. The hand of this entity finally approaches the “Land of Light.” However, Ultraman Zero went forth with his disciple Ultraman Zett to front the foe! After a fierce battle, Zett goes after the monster alone and heads for the earth.


Meanwhile, on Earth, defense forces were organized to fight monsters that appeared on a daily basis. Among them is the anti-monster robot unit “Storage.” Yet, Haruki Natsukawa, a young passionate enthusiastic member of Storage will encounter Zett. Their meeting is fate, and their story begins to unfold…

Ultraman Z’s cast includes:

  • Haruki NatsukawaKohshu Hirano
  • Captain Shota HebikuraTakaya Aoyagi (Jugglus Juggler in Ultraman Orb)
  • Yoko NakashimaRima Matsuda
  • Yuka OhtaHikari Kuroki
  • Kojiro InabaJun Hashizume (Koji Shinjo in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla)
  • Director KuriyamaHisahiro Ogura (Shigeru Wajima in Kamen Rider Wizard)
  • Shinya KaburagiRihito Noda (Tsutomu Tsuzumiya/ Another Hibiki in Kamen Rider Zi-O)
  • Riku Asakura/ Ultraman GeedTatsuomi Hamada
  • Ultraman Z (Voice)Tasuku Hatanaka (Yuma TsukumoYu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
  • Ultraman Zero (Voice)Mamoru Miyano
  • STORAGE AI (Voice)Katsumi Fukuhara


Opening & End Credits:

“GOSHOWA KUDASAI WARE NO NA WO! (Chant My Name!)” performed by Masaaki Endoh

“Connect the Truth,” performed by Nami Tamaki


Source: Ultraman Galaxy

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