Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Trailer Streamed

Earlier today, EA recently streamed their EA Play event where they released a new trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons. The trailer featured a first look at the gameplay for the game including both offline and online modes.

First they took a look at the single player campaign where players will take control of either Case Kassandora (Imperial Pilot) or Rao Highmoon (Rebel Pilot). Next, they unveiled a first look of the multiplayer features. Players will be able to customize with eight different ships. Some customization features include cosmetics and weapon capabilities.

The ships will be classified into three different categories, which includes:

  • Fighter – Tie Fighter, X-Wing 
  • Interceptors – Tie Interceptor, A-Wing
  • Support – Tie Reaper, U-Wing
  • Bomber – Tie Bomber, Y-Wing

Thirdly, the trailer took a look at the multi-player modes. In Dogfight Mode, players will be entering a 5v5 battle. In Fleet Battles, players will be engaging in multi-stage conflicts. Players will need to win the dogfight that takes place in the center of map. Then players will need to protect their capitol and flagships.  Also in this mode players will be able to work together to play against other players online or battle against AI.  Additionally, players will be able to plan missions in the social hub.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2. 

Overall I think the experience looks fun, however it is obviously hard to tell without having the game in hand. I do like some of the features shown although at the same time I think the game lacks some content. Due to the game being a more budgeted title than the usual full AAA experience I do give it some slack. In conclusion, I think the game looks fun and I will be waiting to see reviews before I decide to play it.

Source: EA Star Wars

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