TWK Reviews Episode 47: Getting Nostalgic with DBZ Budokai 2

Hello there Hero-Club, TDub here once again with another video game review. This time I am looking at a fighting game adaptation of the iconic Dragon Ball Z series known as Budokai 2. Now, for anyone uninitiated, Dragon Ball Z is the second part of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise. Originally starting as Dragon Ball, then transitioning into Z the series would go onto become an international sensation. Then GT immediately followed Z, but it was entirely produced by Toei Animation, which most fans did not enjoy.


Thankfully, none or barely any of GT would go onto to appear in the game I am reviewing today. Yet, GT would be included within future installments in the overall Budokai series. Whereas, Toei and Toriyama would eventually make a new continuation in Dragon Ball Super that completely ignores GT’s continuity. As expected, Super was received better than GT, but I would recommend people watching it for themselves though. However, I like my viewers all too much to do that or insist viewing it. So, with all of that being said, this is DRAGON BALL Z: BUDOKAI 2!

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