[Press Release] UGH! Entertainment’s Ku-Mighty Zoop Campaign has Launched

Ku-Mighty #1 issue.Good morning Heroes, we hope everyone is enjoying this fine Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Anyway, today we have some awesome news, as UGH! Entertainment has launched their Zoop campaign for Ku-Mighty #1. For those unaware, last month we featured a preview for this campaign, discussing the basis for the series. However, for those wanting a quick summary, Ku-Mighty is an action-adventure fantasy series about anthropomorphic warriors based on mythological figures.


For fans of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or Planet of the Apes we suggest supporting this campaign. Hero-Club is pretty sure Ku-Mighty will have something in these pages that appeals to everyone. For me, I have always loved sci-fi along with stories that feature solid lore and world building. So, I am interested in seeing how Ku-Mighty’s story will come together, if it gets the funding that it requires.


Now, UGH! Entertainment’s campaign features multiple support tiers to fund Ku-Mighty’s publication. Among the tiers provided, they have a digital copy, physical copy formats, and combo packs. Also, UGH! Entertainment is offering a map of the region as a poster for certain tiers. Additionally, retailers have a bundle option where they can order five books per order to be sold in physical stores. Furthermore, if fans want to participate in the campaign, but not buy a copy UGH! Entertainment has other perks too.


Currently, the campaign has acquired $1680+ from over 25 backers, so it is 33% completed towards its required $5000 total. However, since it started recently, the Ku-Mighty campaign has about four weeks, specifically 24 days, left before it ends. Yet, we at Hero-Club expect the book to reach its goal before the time limit even concludes. Also, if the Ku-Mighty campaign surpasses its goal of $5000, stretch goals will be made available for all backers. Whereas, fans can stay up to date with UGH! Entertainment by following them on LinkedIn or through Ku-Mighty’s official Twitter. Nevertheless, like always, thanks for the support, and make sure to follow us across social media by using @HeroClub4Life!

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