Bandai Announces Ultimagear Model Kit Series, Starting with the Millennium Puzzle

Bandai Hobby has updated their official website to announce a brand new subline of model kits known as “Ultimagear.” According to the website, the line will consist of products “that ultimately reproduce the most appealing versions of items seen it media using the unique technique only found in plastic models!” From our understanding this statement means, Bandai will be making these models as an alternative to their Proplica line.


Now, the first product to be released within this new product line is none other than the Millennium Puzzle from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. Yet, what makes this release great is that fans will finally be able to actually build the Millennium Puzzle. Also, Bandai mentioned that this kit will not contain a manual, making it be an actual puzzle. So, fans will have to assemble the Millennium Puzzle just like Yugi Muto did in both the anime and manga. Below is the official gallery from Bandai Hobby:

However, Bandai did not confirm if the set will include a Millennium Case for the pieces. Hopefully, the set does include the chest from series, and I do not care whether it is buildable or not. Ultimately, Bandai could design the item’s packaging to be based on the Millennium Case, or make it a future UltimaGear release. Nevertheless, the Ultimagear Millennium Puzzle will be released at retail this August, and it will be sold for 3,850 Yen. Yet, fans should expect this item to be distributed internationally to be purchased.


Source: Bandai Hobby


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