Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes [Second Official Trailer]

Yesterday, Tsuburaya Productions released an all-new trailer for their upcoming web-series, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. For those unaware, this is a new addition to the Ultra Fight mini-series. However, this one will headline all the members of the New Generation era within the Ultra series (Ultraman Ginga to Ultraman R/B). The series acts as a sequel to Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, as well as a prequel for the current series, Ultraman Taiga.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will feature the official on-screen debut of Ultra Dark Killer, a villain previously seen in the Ultraman Taro: Revenge of the Dark, pachinko game and at various stage shows. Ultra Dark Killer will be accompanied by two new evil doppelgangers, Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness, as they join forces with Dark Lugiel and Etelgar to form the League of Darkness. In addition, the newest trailer confirms the official on-screen debut of Ultraman Ribut; the character is a Malaysian co-production with Les’ Copaque Productions, as a reoccurring character on the animated series, Upin and Ipin. However, the character’s suit has been used at various festivals and stage shows, as well as used in official promotional series line-ups (New Ultraman Retsuden). Below is the trailer from Tsuburaya Productions:

Tsuburaya Productions also provided an English version of the trailer, that includes audio for the upcoming dub. Early speculation is that the dub is provided by William Winckler Productions who previously dubbed Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy The Movie, Ultraman Zero The Revenge of Belial,Ultraman Saga, Ultraman Ginga S The MovieUltraman X The Movie, and Ultra Fight Victory. Nevertheless, fans can get a sneak peak at the dub now:

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will be premiere on YouTube on September 29, 2019. Tsuburaya Productions states that episodes will release each Sunday at 10:00 am JST. Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will consist of 13-episodes, as well as be broadcast in both Japanese and English. The series is directed by former Power Rangers action director, Koichi Sakamoto while the screenplay is provided by veteran Ultra series writer, Junichiro Ashiki.


Source: Ultraman Official YouTube Channel

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