Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Trailer 2 & Additional Details

Yesterday, Tsuburaya Productions released an all-new trailer for the upcoming mini-series Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. In addition, Tsuburaya Productions also provided more details regarding the series’ returning characters and cast members. For those unaware, this special web series will dive deep into the Ultra Series’ vast history, and tell how certain events came to unfold. However, it will also include the mysterious titan, Absolute Tartarus, who seeks to alter history. Thankfully, the Ultras of the current will join with the veteran heroes of old to stop Absolute Tartarus’ time-traveling plot.

Now, following the reveal of the trailer, Tsuburaya Productions confirmed that Andro Melos is returning alongside The Ultraman’s protagonist, Ultraman Joneus. Longtime Ultra Series fans are hopefully ecstatic by this announcement, as Ultraman Joneus has become a cult hero due to being the star of the original anime Ultraman. In addition, the character has also regained notoriety due to Ultraman Taiga’s Titas residing from Joneus’ homeworld of Planet U40. Whereas, Andro Melos’ return is surprising, but his return has been expected due to the Guar Army’s reintroduction in Ultraman Ginga S. In the series, Ultraman Joneus will be portrayed by Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Digimon Tamers, Hunter X Hunter), and Andro Melos will be performed by Tomohiro Yamaguchi (Ultraman Geed’s Donshine). Furthermore, Tsuburaya Productions confirmed Ultraman Tregear Early Style will make an appearance within this production, and he will continue to be performed by Yuma Uchida. Yet, for flashbacks containing Ultraman Taro, Hiroya Ishimaru will be replaced by Showtaro Morikubo [Cyborg 009’s 002/ Jet Link (2001 series), Kikaider 01: The Animation’s Kikaider 01, and Naruto’s Shikamaru] to provide a younger voice.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will premiere on Sunday, November 22. The series will premiere at 10:00 am JST, and new episodes will each Sunday. The series will consist of 10-episodes in total, as well as episodes will feature English and Chinese closed-caption subtitles. The series is directed by Koichi Sakamoto, and written by Junichiro Ashiki. For those interested in viewing the series, please feel free to subscribe to Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel.


Finally, Tsuburaya Productions also announced a special live event will be held by Bandai Spirits on November 7th for Tamashii Nations 2020. This live stream will be held on Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel from the event, and it will feature special guests: Koichi Sakamoto, Tatsuomi Hamada (Ultraman Geed), and Megumi Han (Alien Pegassa Pega, Ultrawoman Sora & Ultraman Justice). Also, there will a preview clip for Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy shown during the stream. For more details fans can visit the Tamashii Nations 2020 official site.


Source: Ultraman Galaxy


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