Ultraman Galaxy the Official North American Website Launches

Today, author and Japanese film historian, August Ragone unveiled to the world Tsuburaya Productions’ new project Ultraman Galaxy. The project is Tsuburaya Productions’ official North American website dedicated to the Ultra Series. The site is produced by Starlight Runner Entertainment, a New York-based production company that specializes in expanding entertainment properties and brands into multi-platform campaigns. The company’s various clients include names like Disney, Sony, Sesame Workshop, Hasbro and Mattel. Currently, Starlight Runner’s work with Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group is to assist in return the Ultra Series to the world stage. Also, for those unaware, The Licensing Group is license agency for Tsuburaya Productions’ in North America. Now, the following is a simplified version of the official press release from Mr. Ragone:



(New York, 02.22.20) — Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. and The Licensing Group Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of UltramanGalaxy.com, the first official North American website based on one of the world’s most popular and long-running superhero franchises, Ultraman. Produced by transmedia production company Starlight Runner Entertainment, the site is being launched in tandem with New York Toy Fair 2020, where a number of licensees will be displaying Ultraman product.


Ultraman is Japan’s most famous and iconic superhero. The red and silver giant and his fellow Ultras have been protecting the people of Earth from giant monsters and aliens for over 50 years. The franchise has generated dozens of television series, feature films, and direct-to-video movies, and continues to produce over US $50 million per year in licensing and merchandising revenue in Asian markets alone. Dormant in the west for over 30 years, Tsuburaya Productions has chosen to partner with The Licensing Group to relaunch these “Giants of Light” for the North American market.


Much has happened in the past year! The animated “Ultraman” series, a co-production of Tsuburaya and Production I.G., has become the #1 anime series on Netflix worldwide, with a second season in production. The Licensing Group has secured nearly two dozen licenses based on the Classic Ultraman characters. Marvel Publishing has announced an all-new Ultraman series from Marvel Comics. And UltramanGalaxy.com is pegged to serve as a news and resource hub for all of this activity.


“The Licensing Group is proud to be a part of UltramanGalaxy.com, the official website devoted to the Ultraman Universe,” said Danny Simon, CEO of The Licensing Group. “Starlight Runner Entertainment’s talent in creating a dazzling home for Ultraman, and Tsuburaya Productions’ support, will serve fans and licensees alike and will accelerate Ultraman’s popularity in North America.”


Starlight Runner was selected to partner with Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group to clarify and streamline that vast Ultraman Mythology, with CEO Jeff Gomez supervising creative on various North American projects. Some of this work will show up on the site, much to fans’ delight.


“While UltramanGalaxy.com will be useful to all of our partners and new licensees, I’m confident that fans will find much to love on the site, as well,” said Gomez, a proud fan of the franchise since childhood. “There will be posts every week, and plenty of news updates, Easter eggs, and tidbits about all aspects of the Ultraman Universe throughout the site.”


Site features include guides to the various Ultra Heroes, Monsters (kaiju) & Aliens (seijin), Terminology, and the various Generations of Ultraman characters. Licensed products will be profiled, a media channel will carry trailers, English-dubbed webisodes, and exclusive video content, and a blog run by Gomez himself.


Please visit “Ultraman Galaxy” at: http://www.ultramangalaxy.com


Nevertheless, with the creation of this new site for North America, the fans in the region will be kept up-to-date with the home audience. In addition, fans in North America will be privy to knowledge on the Ultra Series’ expansion within the west. With a quick skim over the site we at Hero Club noticed interesting things like Tsuburaya’s current partners, and its character database. So, we insist that fans should check out the site, as soon as possible. Furthermore, with the press release teasing products being featured at Toy Fair, we can only wonder what surprises are in store for fans. Yet, if there are new Ultra Series products on display at Toy Far, we will provide updates, so please stay tuned!


Source: August Ragone’s Official Facebook

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