Ultraman Geed Episode 5 – Partners Review

We are now on Episode 5 of Ultraman Geed! Today’s episode features the debut of Geed’s new form of Acro Smasher. This form will combine the Ultra Capsules of Ultraman Hikari, and Ultraman Cosmos. Now, Ultraman Hikari is seemingly the dominate Ultra in this fusion, unlike others which has that perfect mix. Yet, how does this awesome debut hold up? To find out jump down to My Thoughts section a.k.a. the review segment if one has already seen the episode!



Moa, and Zena discover an abandoned Shark Whale, before discovering a Lunah is also on Earth. Moa immediately takes the lead in finding the location of the missing Lunah. Meanwhile at the Nebula House, Riku and the others figure out they need to begin searching the media outlets for people who could be Little Star hosts. Ironically enough just as they begin to watch TV, they discover a Little Star host in the Healing Comedian, Takashi Arai. He puts on comedic acts on the streets, and seemingly appears to heal any injury he faces. While Riku rushes to find Takashi, Moa finds him first due to the fact he has the Lunah, and it has the Little Star.

Reito also hunts down Takashi to heal Zero, as they are confronted by Riku and Laiha. Takashi quickly explains the source of his power to the group, and mentions how his pet “Moko” was taken. Laiha insists that she and Riku need to hunt down Moko, the Lunah, before a monster appears however, an Astron surfaces. The Astron quickly reaches Moa as Moko escapes, but Riku transforms into Ultraman Geed to save her. During the battle Moko gets trapped, and Takashi manages to find it. Takashi works to free it, as Geed attempts to hold off the Astron. Yet, Geed is still not strong enough to hold it off. That is until Moko wishes for Geed to save everyone, and thus grants him access to the Little Star, the Ultraman Cosmos Capsule.


Riku proceeds to fuse the Hikari and Cosmos Capsules to obtain his newest form, Acro Smasher. In the form, Geed puts up a majestic fight with Astron, but instead of killing it he uses Cosmos’ calming abilities to send back Astron to its home. That afternoon, Riku and Laiha inform Takashi that Moko will not be able to heal anymore, as Moa attempts to capture the creature again. This leads into Laiha becoming aware of Moa’s suspicious activities, and use it to convince her to leave the Lunah in Takashi’s care. A few days later things have settled down, but Kei decides to unleash a new Belial Fusion, Thunder Killer to attack the city! Riku is immediately alerted of the situation, and rushes to combat the monster.


My Thoughts:

This episode is by far the worst episode yet for Ultraman Geed! There is barely any world building, and the only thing the episode does is try to foreshadow events. These events that are foreshadow are ones to be revealed soon, as in immediately in the next episode. However, one event that may take some time to be revealed is when Riku, Laiha, and Pega become aware of the AIB. At this current time, Riku and the others are only suspicious to what is Moa’s actual job, but Laiha seems more keened into the situation than Riku; this is most likely to build up the imposed love-triangle.


Aoi Aoi ano ULTRAMAN!

Now, aside from foreshadowing some events, this episode is set-up to debut Ultraman Geed’s Acro Smasher form. The set-up for the form’s debut is good, because unlike previous episodes the story is centered around teasing which Ultra’s Ultra Capsule is the episode’s featured Little Star. In this case it is Ultraman Cosmos, and the host is using Cosmos’ healing abilities to cure to people. This was a perfect match to indicated which Ultra, Riku would obtain next even better than with the brief reveal for Hikari in the previous episode. In addition, playing off the healing abilities of Cosmo remedied the little use it would have when used for the actual form. Once transforming into Acro Smasher, Geed is seemingly reliant on Hikari’s unnatural combat abilities for a Blue Ultra. Yet, if need be Geed will then proceed to use Cosmos’ healing in battle, as seen at the end of his battle with Astron. Hopefully for Acro Smasher’s future appearances both sides of this fusion will be used evenly.


Overall this episode did not really hook me, but with how the episode ended I am ready for the next one. Furthermore, from the preview for the next episode, we see that Zero will get involved and he will finally begin to mentor Riku/ Geed. However, the process in how the first lesson will occur is honestly very weird! Reito seems to be involved, as he somehow arranges Riku to become a substitute salary-man at his job. Episode 6 is going to be one interesting story; too bad it will not be an epic training montage like in Ultraman Leo…


Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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