Ultraman Taiga the Movie Trailer 2 & Additional Information

Back in December at Tsuburaya Convention 2019, the studio announced its upcoming feature length film, Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax; the film is the direct sequel and follow up for the most recent series, Ultraman Taiga. During the initial announcement and first trailer release, we were informed this film would feature the 11 New Generation Heroes. The appearance of the 11 New Generation Heroes would also include the return of their original actors. Yet, for those unaware of who the New Generation Heroes are, they consist of Ultras from Ultraman Ginga to Taiga, which the roster does include R/B’s Ultrawoman Grigio and the entire Tri-Squad. In addition, the first trailer featured a possessed Ultraman Taro as the film’s villain. Then as of today, we have more information and a trailer giving fans better insights, as what to expect in the movie. However, as warning to fans who do not wish to be fully spoiled, please do not read past the embedded video.


Now, in our new trailer (seen above) for Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax, Ultraman Tregear is shown having survived the events of the series. Whereas, Tregear’s goal for the film’s plot is to make his former best friend, Ultraman Taro, fall to darkness. In addition, fans will learn more about Tregear’s fall from grace by becoming the host for the Evil Deity Monster, Grimud; which has now been freed due to Tregear’s defeat in the series. However, to stop this amazing new threat the New Generation Heroes will combine their powers, and fuse together to form an all-new Ultra, Ultraman Reiga!

To become Ultraman Reiga, Hiroyuki must use the New Generation Eye. Yet, first it must be summoned through scanning the New Generation-let with the Taiga Spark. Also, Tsuburaya’s official site provided the release information regarding the DX toy for these items. The Ultraman Taiga DX New Generation Eye & New Generation-let Set is scheduled to release at retail on February 1, and be sold for 2500 yen.

The film features series director Ryuichi Ichino returning to direct alongside series writer, Sotaro Hayashi. However, Sotaro Hayashi will be joined by Ultraman Orb writer, Takao Nakano to produce the screenplay. Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax is scheduled to premiere in Japanese theaters on Friday, March 6, 2020.


Also, on a side note, Tsuburaya Productions has launched a GIF Magazine profile; there they will be uploading various GIFs and GIF Stamps for fans to use online. Here is an example from their earliest batch of GIFs that they have created and uploaded:

Source: M-78

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