[Interview] Voice Actor David Kaye

Hello there Hero-Club, ZeltraxMillennium here, and today is the day that we finally feature my newest interview. As we teased Monday, today is the official release of my interview with the iconic voice actor, David Kaye. Now, most people should recognize David Kaye for his work in Transformers as Megatron, or as Inuyasha’s brother Sesshomaru. However, I could go on about the various characters that David Kaye voiced, but we are here to interview him.


Now, the interview was split into two parts, and both are available in this article for viewing. Below is the first half which is our introduction, and the earliest set of questions. Also, several of these questions focus on David’s work in Inuyasha and its sequel Yashahime. In addition, we have some other questions provided by the Hero-Club staff not included in our preview clip from Monday. Surprisingly, these questions from Hero-Club all catch David Kaye off guard, so viewers need to check it out.

Then moving onto part two, these questions discuss actors being associated with roles and the current situation with Netflix’s contracts. This extends to asking David why he was unable to return for Netflix’s Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy. Also, we discuss David’s work with the Transformers’ franchise, and his toy collection regarding his roles. Heck, this transitions to David telling me about his time working with the legendary Frank Welker on other productions. So, I hope viewers really look forward to this final part in this awesome interview!

Anyway, this concludes my interview with David Kaye, and I thank him for giving me this opportunity. Also, fans can continue to support David on social media by contacting him on Twitter or at his official website. Whereas, loyal Hero-Club readers can learn more about me by checking out my various social media pages below. Furthermore, I do commissions on cosplay prop making, and figure customization too. So, please check out my portfolio, and stay tuned for more things here at Hero-Club!


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