[Interview] Voice Actor Mike Pollock (4Kids, Sonic’s Dr. Eggman & More)

Well I, ZeltraxMillennium, am back at Hero-Club, and I am here to present a gift, my first personally conducted interview. Thankfully, the site’s senior staff signed off on this contribution without a proper advance notice. Yet, this opportunity was too good for everyone involved to let it slip on by. Now, as the title confirms, my guest is the voice of Sonic’s arch nemesis Dr. Eggman, Mike Pollock. However, Mr. Pollock’s other notable roles extend into his time as a 4Kids Entertainment cast member. Also, Mr. Pollock was the announcer for 4Kids’ Fox Box programming block in the early 2000s. Below fans can view the interview released on my personal YouTube channel, but be warned it is rather short due to Mr. Pollock’s scheduling. Nevertheless, please enjoy the video, as well as head on over to my channel to leave a like and to subscribe for more content…

Lastly, I would like to thank Mike Pollock again for the opportunity to interview him. Also, fans should check out Mr. Pollock’s personal website and follow him over on Twitter. In addition, I want to thank Hero-Club for allowing me back, not as a contributor, but as a full-time member. Loyal Hero-Club readers can learn more about me by checking out my various social media pages below. Furthermore, I do commissions on cosplay prop making, and figure customization too. So, please check out my portfolio, and stay tuned for more things here at Hero-Club!


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