Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends Film Trailer Streamed

The official Yōkai Watch Youtube channel has updated with a new trailers for Yōkai Watch: Forever Friends. The latest trailer features a look at some of the characters that will be featured in the film and a preview of the film’s theme song. The theme song titled, “I Loved You (Daisuki Datta),” which will be performed by Toshoshinki. 

ANN provided a description of the film’s story.

The film tells the story of interweaving friendships between three children and yo-kai. The film is set in 1960s Tokyo, in Sakura Motomachi. A boy named Shin lives a poor but happy life. When his mother — his only family member — dies, Shin’s unhappiness hits rock bottom. That is when another boy named Itsuki saves Shin. Itsuki has also lost his older sister. Shin, Itsuki, and a young girl named Tae who can see yo-kai all become friends. Shin’s guardian spirit Suu-san, a “Nekomata” cat (pictured in second image below), and other new yo-kai join their group, and this group is able to regain what it means to have a precious family. This new family must now face a mysterious incident, and a shocking reality awaits them.

Yo-Kai Watch: Forever Friends will premiere in Japan on December 14. 

Source: ANN, Comic Natalie


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