15 Characters to Buy from Transformers: Titans Return

The newest series in the Transformers Generations toy line, Titans Return, featuring the return of the Headmasters and large scaled Tranformers, is beginning to be released as pre-orders for the toys are becoming stocked and waves are just appearing on shelves now. With the stocking of the figures it gave me this idea to list what I think are the 15 Characters/Toys one should buy or consider to purchase day one from out of the already confirmed figures, either currently able to be purchase from early releases, items still on pre-order, or from the leaked characters still “unconfirmed” for the line. This list will follow suit with a Top (Insert Number) Editorial, starting from the lowest to highest sought character/toy from Titans Return!

15. Legends Class – Wheelie
Starting off our list is the only Legends Class figure on the entire list, and it is the Autobot, Wheelie. He made his first appearance in the original Transformers the Movie (1986), and was originally a Legends class figure in the 2008 Universe series along with having been previously released in the 2012 Generations line, re-using Jazz’s mold. Now, this new Legends Class Wheelie seems to be utterly perfect! The entire design is G1 accurate however the Takara mold is painted to be accurate, featuring his on-screen appearance while coming with the added Goshooter Titan Master figure. Either option is great to purchase, as long as the buyer’s mind set is to at least own the mold or character in general.

14. Deluxe Class – Scourge
Scourge is number fourteen, as it’s a figure I did want to eventually be remade to be more akin to its G1 counterpart and to go alongside the original Classics Cyclonus. Just did not entirely expect it would be a release so soon, or within five years since the original Generations Scourge was released. This newer Scourge is marketed as a Titan Master meaning it is actually a Headmaster, and completely omits the possibility of him coming with his Targetmaster partner in its original form. However Scourge and other Targetmasters now have their partners become their heads, so at least the characters still exist in the modern toy line. Also if some has a spare nightstick lying around from the original Cyclonus, a simply repaint is only needed to make it into a G1 Fracus.

Titans Return Astrotrain

13. Voyager Class – Astrotrain
At “unlucky” number thirteen is, Astrotrain, who is one of the original Triple-Changers and used to be my favorite G1 Decepticon outside of the Combiners up until I got a copy of the G1 movie growing up in the 90s. Now, aside from being my original favorite Decepticon, when Blitzwing was originally made in the Generations line back in 2013 people were surprised to not see Astrotrain on the release list. It made fans even question would they ever see Astrotrain again, or in general? Due to the fact that his form of the steam locomotive has fallen from grace due to today’s society and kids barely having interests in trains, as well as last time it was released, its train form was that of a Tokyo bullet train and fans weren’t too pleased (there were other reasons too). The Titans Return Astrotrain is also known for using the mold akin to Sentinel Prime where its train looks very similar to Energon’s Omega Supreme armored train mode while the space ship is more modern, and his robot mode stays focused on the G1 design at its core! Overall it is a great way to finally have both partners together, and a smart way to reintroduce the character in the Generations series.

Titans Return Alpha Trion

12. Voyager Class – Alpha Trion
In the twelfth spot is Voyager Alpha Trion, a toy I have heard mixed thoughts about, but thought it should be on the list since this is the character’s first actual release at retail, all other being convention exclusives. For the first time, Alpha Trion will be released to the public and it features a throwback to its original Botcon release having aircraft carrier-spaceship form similar to Vector Prime. The ship mode is most definitely the highlight fans are interested in, whereas its third form, the beast mode, is not entirely liked even though it’s also homage to another Alpha Trion release. Several tend to argue over Alpha Trion being a lion, some originally believed or wanted it to be a wolf, whereas I simply thought it was supposed to be a manticore due to images showing some sort of horn attached to its head. Now, I am not annoyed at choice Alpha Trion’s transformations , even though I want his “Tumbler” form seen in Spotlight: Orion Pax, but honestly glad general fans can have the chance to own the character.


11. Deluxe Class – Doublecross
Number eleven has “three” heads as it is Doublecross, the twin-headed dragon Monsterbot. Doublecross is one of the leaked characters to be a part of a future Titans Return wave. Doublecross was one of the last characters in the G1 toyline, and never received any screen time in the series; however he eventually became a reoccurring comic character. The new toy is pretty accurate to his original design, and makes fans hope that its new Headmaster partner will be able to ride on the dragon mode’s back. Now, with Doublecross being scheduled for the line it already has fans wondering if the other two Monsterbots will follow?


10. Titan Class – Trypticon
At this time there are no pictures for this character/toy, but since it has been confirmed to be a 2017 release due to winning the Hasbro Poll over Omega Supreme and Scorponok, Trypticon comes in at number ten. Now, for several fans this is a highly sought after character in general, but I am seriously being a petty poor sport at this specific ranking because my pick lost, Scorponok who should have been the next Titan following his archenemy, Fortress Maximus and because the original Trypticon never truly fascinated me. However, hearing that he is to be remade for the Generations toyline I have high hopes that its updated toy form will be incredible. Hopefully it will not look like a Gojulas from ZOIDS, and actually maybe have a robot form snuck into the mold, as well as have “the fan loved” electronic walking gimmick removed.


9. Voyager Class – Megatron
Out of all the leaked images for upcoming releases in the Titans Return series, number nine was a surprise, as it is a new Voyager Megatron. The new Megatron is seemingly a more accurate version of the G1/IDW Comics Megatron compared to the Generations Leader Megatron released in 2014/15, which in my opinion was utter trash. From the image seen it will sport sticker decals providing the owner the ability to make him either an Autobot or Decepticon, like the previous Leader release. Overall one of the best surprises for a Megatron fan!


8. Deluxe Class – Triggerhappy
Triggerhappy tops Megatron at number eight, because it has been ages since the character has ever been seen and its first new toy in years! The last time the character was even seen was in the original G1 toyline, the series opening credits, and the Rebirth. Now, the new Triggerhappy is similar to Scourge as its Targetmaster partner is used as its Headmaster, due to the Titan Master gimmick. Fans already have conflicting feelings towards the toy because they either want it to complete their collection or seek to own a modern day representation of the character, against the fans who don’t want it due to it being a Headmaster like others in the wave. I for one, have always loved the design for some odd reason, and not the character, mostly due to Triggerhappy’s limited appearances. Having seen Triggerhappy on leaked possibilities list has not just me, but others collectors like our very own Pak Hanu wonders if Slugsligger is in the works?


7. Deluxe Class – Chromedome
Number seven could have been higher on the list, but due to personal opinions towards the actual toy design it stays locked in at this spot, as it is Chromedome! The Deluxe Titans Return Chromedome is an interesting product in the line as its vehicle mode is based directly on its G1 counterpart and the robot is derived from its IDW Comic design, making it stand out amongst its Autobot brothers featured in the Rebirth and Headmasters. Out the of the main four Headmasters that work under Fortress Maximus, Chromedome was my favorite due to his designs and color scheme; I always wanted an official modern representation of the character/toy produced (Yeah, I bought Fansproject’s Function X-1 as a substitute) and like most I overly happy that a Chromedome is being made in general. However, I am overly biased for his original G1 (Headmasters) design in its entirety, because I simply have never been fond of IDW’s illustrations of the character and prefer Takara’s retool of the figure to be more a kin to Chromedome’s teammates for their release of the character.


6. Deluxe Class – Blurr
Blurr comes in at number six, where he was originally higher when this list was in early stages of being planning before those very interesting leaks. Originally when this new Titan Master Blurr was rumored to be in the line and sporting a G1 design alongside Kup, my attention was immediately obtained and I waited for the products to be revealed, unlike their previous incarnations in the 2011/11 Generations waves. What I got was everything I wanted, the new Blurr is fantastic and simply looks like it jumped straight out of Transformers the Movie, specifically if one is going to purchase the Takara release of the toy! I can only hope that Kup is to shortly follow suit, and that I can finally complete my collection dedicated to the G1 Movie.


5. Leader Class – Power Master Optimus Prime
At number five is the Leader Class figure to make it on the list, and it is none other than Power Master Optimus Prime, or what others prefer to call it, Super Ginrai. Power Master Optimus Prime reuses the 2014/15 Leader Ultra Magnus mold, with heavy retooling to the overall toy whereas its Takara counterpart has been teased to be an excessive re-tool of the mold/design. Highlights about the toy is that like most Leader Class figures it has a battle station/base mode and is compatible to link with others making an entire city display. Now, since Titans Return solely focuses on Headmasters, Hi-Q or Ginrai is currently one and is no longer a Powermaster, but when transformed Optimus maintains a piece that resembles the design in robot form. I look forward to this figure personally because I love Transformers Masterforce, and hope Hasbro/Takara is crazy enough to make an Apex Armor/God Bomber, or to simply just buy the teased third-party add-on.


4. Voyager Class – Galvatron
Fans have sought after a Galvatron that is not considered garbage, and luckily enough Titans Return is the answer. The new voyager class figure kicks aside the original G1 toy and the Classics figure, becoming the most screen accurate toy to depict the original 1986 design while also being a Triple-Changer and Headmaster. Since it is one of the currently released characters in the toy-line, a few issues have appeared with the toy those being the cannon connecting properly to Galvatron’s robot mode and the face mask/crown blocking the head joint. Overall, from what I have seen this figure is highly received as one of the best toys in Wave 01!


3. Deluxe Class – Hot Rod
Coming in at number three is Hot Rod, the Autobot designed to light the darkest hour and become Rodimus Prime. The new Hot Rod has people conflicted, as there are those who prefer the original Classics Deluxe Rodimus over only seeing the leaked images, or those that hate original product and its reissues. The other thing that has fans annoyed is the fact it is a Headmaster. Personally I do not see an overall problem with the change in general, but then again I am one of those fans to own the Takara United Firebolt, a campaign exclusive product, which can pose as my “Generations Firebolt”. Aside from love for the original Classics Rodimus and hate towards the Headmaster gimmick, I find this new Rodimus to be more accurate in several areas to his G1 counterpart! Now, it is no Masterpiece when it comes to that accuracy, but I find it is close enough when seeking a toy and not a highly-designed as well as expensive collector’s piece.


2. Six Shot
At number two on this is list, is a character and toy I honestly did not expect to frankly see for sometime as it is Six Shot! Six Shot, is probably one of my all time favorite Decepticons from G1 due to his robot design and color scheme, not just because he has six forms as well as that ‘legendary’ seventh form, but because he just has something particular to his overall design. I think it is because the design looks like it could be used for either Autobot or Decepticon in general. Now, the only thing we have for the toy is “promotional art” of its Headmaster connecting to its body, but the artwork still based off the original G1 design; thus it shows the toy will most likely maintain a majority of its forms, if not all of them. Fans speculate it will have to be a Leader Class figure, but a small minority thinks it could actually be a Voyager. I am for either option, as long as the Gun Mode is maintained and its newly obtained Headmaster compartment doesn’t affect the overall toy.

1. Titan Class – Fortress Maximus
For the number one pick it is honestly the elephant in the room, the reason why this Generations series is called Titans Return, it is Fortress Maximus. The original G1 toy of the character was original sought as a holy grail in the fandom, up until its Encore re-release by Takara a few years and several sought that its remake would never happen or be less impressive than the original. However, for those that believed it could not surpass the original were sadly wrong! The new Fort Maximus is even larger than its predecessor, has points of articulation, and features lights-and-sounds as well as has a new special ability; it has base connectivity clips with other base formers in the Titans Return line such as Power Master Optimus, Blaster, and Soundwave. The only thing could bring this toy release down is that neither the retail Hasbro release nor the Takara release of the character features the Master Sword! Fortress Maximus is missing its iconic weapon, and it is slightly shocking to die-hard Transformers: Headmasters fans, because at the moment the only ways to obtain the sword is via the SDCC Exclusive Edition, the Asia Bonus release, or a third-party rendition. Yet, never the less it is a release that all fans look forward to!

Now, this concludes my list of Titans Return products fans should look forward to purchasing the most. I honestly think that the Titans Return line presents a great selection of characters fans sought after, and tries to re-introduce characters that were either glanced over, or barely knew of; since certain ones came from the post Movie seasons or the Takara/Toei Trilogy (which has a lot of my favorites). This list only slimmed down the listing of the items we, the fans know of, and like most lists has fans either agreeing or disagreeing with my selection or the placement of choices. So I ask the other fans out there, to tell me their choices as to what I should have included or what they would have chosen, as well as tell us characters one would like to see join the Titans Return line? Fans can reply to us here down in the comments below, reply to the post on our FaceBook, or at the Tweet specifically promoting this post!

Images: TFWiki.Net, TFW2005, @Grave, TheAllSpark

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