TWK Reviews Episode 75: Was WWE 2K15 Really That Bad?

Hello, Hero Club, TDub here and welcome to my review of WWE 2K15 which is the WWE 2K debut on the Playstation 4/XBox One systems.

From the game’s debut to now it is among one of the more maligned titles in the franchise and within this video you will see why but before we get to that let’s talk about CM Punk.

You see, this game is the final time we get to play as Mr. Punk until his return to the virtual squared circle in 2023’s AEW Fight Forever which came out nearly a decade later and for that alone 2K15 will always be a unique entry.

On top of that, Punk also has the most amount of alternate attires ever seen in any wrestling game before and after so if a variety of different Punks is what you’re after then this may just be the game for you.

However, before you start thinking this is a five star, Tokyo Dome classic, let’s take a look a the good, the bad, and the incredibly unpleasing sights of WWE 2K15.


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