[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #117 *SPOILER WARNING*

Happy Wednesday, Heroes, we are back to discuss the next installment of Boom! Studios’ the Darkest Hour. Especially, since we are looking at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 117 which releases today. Now, unlike the recent bleak issues, today’s story seems to be bringing us some hope to turn the tide. Also, like our recent reviews this will article contain spoilers, so please proceed reading with discretion. So, with this introduction out of the way, let us deep dive into what exactly happens with issue 117!


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice & Marco Renna
  • Colorist: Raúl Angulo & Jose Enrique Fernández
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Melissa Flores
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Darkest Hour Logo Designer: Dylan Todd
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Linda Lee, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly & Ed Lane



Surprisingly, we kick things off on Aquitar, as it is rare to see this world and its civilization in general. Normally, the television series barely explored the planet, so this depiction gets to present more life and activity. Here readers get to see cityscapes and some plant life, rather than static images and indoor sets. Personally, I find it amazing when worlds like Aquitar receive this treatment, so fans can finally see what we envisioned. Thankfully, this glimpse of the planet as provided by Di Gianfelice, Renna, Angulo, and Fernández met my expectations. So, I hope we get to revisit Aquitar in the future, like in an Unlimited one-off someday. Although, with that said, the Alien Rangers attempt to stop Dark Specter, only to end up getting corrupted into Thralls. Yet, what I enjoy about this sequence is Dark Specter’s accompanying monologue that perfectly summarizes every Power Rangers team’s mentality. Like it just goes to show how they are predictable, but also, so selfless to protect their planet.


Following Dark Specter’s invasion of Aquitar, there is an interesting scene between Mistress Vile and Alpha-XI. Here, Alpha-XI discusses where their loyalty lies, and theirs is with Mistress Vile not Dark Specter. So, when viewing the accompany panels, readers should notice this is a sign of relief for the character. Like Mistress Vile is shown to be grateful to have someone that does not take her for granted. Also, Alpha-XI other statements are not wrong either, as none of the Darkest Hour would have been possible without Rita. As a result, this conversation seems to make Rita further realize that she is in an abusive situation.


Afterwards, the story shifts to Promethea on Earth, where the Rangers are training civilians to defend the planet. Now, this is amazing since Wild Force’s Taylor is spearheading it since she is former military, as an air force pilot. Whereas, besides Taylor being the instructor, we get to see Bulk and Skull becoming recruits to do their part. Also, they are being accompanied by the various aliens that seek refuge on Earth during this crisis. So, this serves as a reminder at how vast the Power Rangers’ universe is regarding its various types of inhabitants. Additionally, Jason even gives Taylor advice on how he does not expect her to turn everyone into a soldier. However, Jason sees this as opportunity for them to let citizens have a chance to protect themselves. Interestingly, we then immediately see how these recruits are even being effective at lightening the Rangers’ load. Like Bulk and Skull are rescuing kids while other aliens work to clear out Thrall-Putties and Rangers fight the monsters. Meanwhile, as I was reading these pages, it gave me a sense of the unused concepts for Countdown to Destruction. For example, I was remembering how production wanted it to be grander, and incorporate various characters working together. As a result, Darkest Hour is giving fans the chance to see certain characters be more proactive.


Then following this moment, we get to see more of the Power Rangers full efforts to save the universe. Currently, everyone is looking to save the other Rangers across the multiverse from becoming Thralls. In addition, the Hyperforce team is being set out to rescue the other surviving Rangers who morphed before the corruption. Furthermore, we finally discover what is inside the Power Eggs, and it was not anything I thought they were. Like I thought they might be a new Megazord, and upon reveal I assumed they were Zeo Crystals. However, even then I wrong, instead the eggs are sort of micro Morphin Grids. Unfortunately, they are like generators, so they are not a permanent solution, but they can protect the Rangers and Earth. So, they are not the ultimate salvation that fans excepted them to be, but they are a saving grace. Ultimately, I find this to be an amazing swerve, and being some fantastic writing from Melissa Flores.


Meanwhile, Dark Specter goes out to the Y-79 Galaxy to recruit another team of Rangers for his cause. Although, I do not think that this will work, as these guys are known for going from bad to worse. Especially, when Dark Specter is informed how they lead to his own downfall in the somewhat near future. Yet, with this team reappearing in the comics again, I will say it will be fun witnessing their upcoming activities. Whereas, the Hyperforce teams begins rescuing the various surviving Rangers, as Ranger Slayer returns from her journey. Although, certain surviving characters’ appearances within the issue makes myself and Wheels question who are under the helmets.


Finally, our issue concludes with a death I was not expecting, which somewhat hurt given their time in the series. Also, it does help that the panel layout, and the individual witnessing the death’s reaction is perfectly timed. Like I could almost feel the character’s sadness and hopelessness in that moment of seeing their friend’s death. As a result, this breaks the character in question, and causes them to seek a new path. However, for those reading the comics or our reviews, it should be obvious who this person is. Yet, we will save the reveal for next time, but as the Darkest Hour proceed, we head into uncharted waters.


Overall, this was a fantastic issue, and I am really excited to see how things will pan out. Currently, I am not sure how many issues are left within the Darkest Hour, but it should conclude by Fall. Especially, since this was stated to be a year event, which means we maybe have eight or nine issue left. Ultimately, with how things are going if eight or nine issues are left, I assume the pacing will hold up. So, I doubt Melissa Flores will fumble this expansive and incredible story being told. Nevertheless, I have been Ben Odinson, and I am out of here for now!


Final Score: 5 Power Coins out of 5

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