Arika’s Fighting Game Details Revealed

Game developer Akira Nisitani revealed details of Arika’s “Mysterious Fighting Game” on the official Playstation blog. The game is revealed to be called Fighting EX Layer and a beta test will be available this December, which will run for two weeks.   The following characters will be available in the beta: Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, and Shirase.  Fighting EX Layer will be a part of Arika’s EX series, which includes games like the Street Fighter EX series.

A demo event for the game will be featured in at Sony’s Playstation Experience that will be held on December 9-10 in Anaheim, California.

Nisitani also posted some thoughts about the Gougi system in the game.

About the Gougi system that everyone is curious about: it’s grown into a very deep and exciting addition to the game. When the idea first came about, I brainstormed various Gougi, which combinations would work well, and what the matches would be like. Trying to imagine all of the possibilities, I got a feeling that “This game is going to be interesting!”

But after experimenting with my Gougi ideas, I often ended up saying “This is not what I imagined.” But that’s where the fun lies! Coming up with new ideas and experimenting in game was awesome. I believe not many games allow you to so easily brainstorm ideas and then test them out in-game; please try it!

Fighting EX Layer will launch worldwide in 2018.

Source: Playstation

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