Ultraman Geed Episode 19 – Nebula House Invasion Review

In the last episode Kei Fukuide found an unlikely ally in author, Arie Isikari. Yet, currently it is unknown how Arie will be able to assist Kei. However, in this episode Kei plans to take back the Nebula House from Riku, so Arie must be involved somehow. In addition, REM gets herself a body to use, but she will soon find out having a body can be a problem! Also, REM will be forced to decide on who is her master, Kei or Riku…



REM reads off a story she has written to Riku, and he is surprised by her advancements in development. Their discussion is cutoff as Kei enters the Nebula House to reclaim it. A brief fight ensues, and REM ejects Riku as well as the others out of the base. With Kei seemingly victorious he shuts down and deletes REM, before accessing his rejuvenation bed. However, Kei is unknowingly unsuccessful in deleting REM, as Riku and the others discover a woman unconscious near them. The body they discover is none other than REM in an android body, which she built in case of an emergency. Yet, the group at first does not believe REM is REM until she hints towards one of Riku’s secrets. Soon the group prepares to take back the Nebula House, but attempts to head back to town first.

Meanwhile Reito has a business meeting with Arie, as she is “writing an editorial” on some products from his business. Now, as Riku and the team head into town, REM has issues adjusting to her body, but the other reassure her that she will get the hang of it. They soon arrive at the Galaxy Market, where Moa suspects REM to be another “rival”; whereas, the manager falls in love with her. Kei locates the group, and sends a U-Tom to reprogram REM to be his servant; the reprogramming makes REM compatible to be the pilot for his Mecha Gomora. Riku sets forth to stop the Mecha Gomora and rescue REM, who is at war with herself. Ultraman Zero attempts to take over Reito, and leave the meeting to help Geed. However, Arie makes sure to sidetrack Reito, as probably planned earlier with Kei.

REM’s internal war intensifies, as she comes face-to-face with the master file she was copied from. The master file attempts to convince REM that she is nothing, that Kei is their master, and informs her that their name means “servitude” in the Sturm language. Yet, REM defies the master file and deletes it, as well as recovers the Nebula House! REM ejects Kei from the place, and Riku defeats the Mecha Gomora. Riku and the others rush home to begin the restoration. During this time, REM asks Riku about her name, and he reveals it never was an anagram; it came from the heroine of Donshine. In addition, REM informs the group that Kei’s intentions were solely to heal himself, as well as his race’s ability to convert/generate energy…


My Thoughts:

This is a decent episode, and I find it more enjoyable than last week’s episode. What I like about this episode is how it is straightforward, and does not try to do too much. Kei taking over the Nebula House, and REM finding herself having to use her android body, as a means for survival is the focus. Where Riku and the others must find a way to recover the Nebula House, as the plot. Now, I do feel like the concept of REM acquiring a body is a story that should have been explored for more than an episode. However, due to the situation in how REM has to the use of body it is meant to be a temporary option, or a permanent one if it comes to that result. Luckily it does not end up being the case since the resolve is met within a single episode.


Yet, as I said earlier I think REM and her body, should have been subject addressed over the course of a few episodes. My reasoning is that the significance does not feel as impactful as it could have been. Early in the series, as well as in this episode REM attempts to improve and advance her programming as an A.I; these moments subtly hint towards REM seeking to understand or become more human-like. These events, especially the opening discussion between REM and Riku, even better foreshadow the events which are about to occur. Once REM gets her body the story is about reacquiring the base; with only a few nods towards REM’s experience in having a body. REM’s true experience is only emotionally, as seen through her internal conflict with the master file, where she expresses various emotions like fear, sorrow, and courage.


Now, had this been a sub-plot within these final episodes, I think it would have played off REM’s issues adapting to her body and being overwhelmed by emotions. In addition, I think Kei reprogramming REM could have been set-up, as a betrayal plot too. Some people I have talked to also wanted to see REM show true affection towards Riku such as being in love with him. Whereas, others thought REM should have come off acting like an actual parent. What I find interesting is that people just wanted to see more of REM; either because of the concept, or being a fan of REM’s voice actress, Suzuko Mimori, who appears onscreen as the character! Furthermore, I barely knew of Suzuko Mimori before Ultraman Geed, or Digimon Adventure Tri. However, Suzuko really won me over to become an actual fan of hers.


I was partly let down Kei’s plot, as well as Arie’s involvement within this episode. Kei seeks to recover the Nebula House, to heal him and begin conquering the universe. However, the episode never indicates that Kei has any fail-safes set, either due to exhaustion, or over confidence. Also, once Kei re-acquires REM, Kei just decides to make her pilot his Mecha Gomora. From there we learn the master file which REM was copied from is Kei’s only failsafe to keep REM as his servant. Instead, I believe Kei should have just sent out the “Master” REM to stop the “copied” REM. Now, while this all occurs Arie acts as an unlikely diversion to keep Reito and Zero busy. The only thing that indicates this is Arie’s mission is the subtle parts in the conversion with Reito and when she stops Zero from taking control. It is a smart play by Kei, but just leaves the notion for old viewers to pick-up on. Yet, once Kei is defeated and ejected from the Nebula House, he seems completely fine, as if this is a self-orchestrated defeat. The ending makes it all seem that this whole event is just a minor phase in Kei’s final plan, even though it never feels like is a minor play; this all could elude to Kei’s interest in chess, and being a strategist.


I’m Back Bitches!

Overall, as stated earlier I like this episode more than last week’s. However, it is not too spectacular, as one may expect it to be. I think people will just love this episode because of Suzuko Mimori, because that is how it happened for me. Now as for the next episode, I think it might be amazing because it features Star Beast Gyeron! Gyeron is originally from Ultraseven, and for a time was banned. If I recall the reason was due to Gyeron’s episode being re-aired following the Tohoko earthquake/ tsunami, where events from this episode mirrored reality. Never the less, for Gyeron to be reintegrated into the series is awesome, because I rather like this monster, and its debut episode. Also, this episode is focusing on Igaguri Family, which means more Lumina and Mayu!


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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