Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 38 Review

So, it turns out that Zyuland is not all Happy Animals and Sunshine, as we learned in the most recent episode.

over-time-animal-sentai-zyuohger-38-c2d4e03f-mkv_snapshot_01-56_2016-11-25_13-07-35Bard took center stage, as we are told about why he left Zyuland. The short version is that humans occasionally stumbled through the Link Cube into Zyuland, and any who did where imprisoned and left to die because of fears that human may invade if word spread. Bard (who was a Cube Gardian) was curious about the Human world and befriended one trespasser, before he was found, imprisoned, escaped and was run off a cliff.


Bard then left it all behind. Giving his Champion Symbol to Yamato both to save him and to sever his own connection to his former home. Yamato does manage to get Bard to realize that maybe everything is connected, and that is why he uses Bard’s Symbol to save the earth.


Meanwhile, the annoying Respawning Brothers MOTW returned and still kept coming back. Though seeing Yamato and Bard work together to kill them both at the same time was pretty awesome. The Mecha battle that followed was standard, but still enjoyable.

My Thoughts:

In all, we saw the darker side of Zyuland with the Zyuohgers having to directly learn about it. I am pretty sure that inform on the world will probably somehow turn into a plotpoint in the finale, or it will be sadly glazed over. The story side of this episde was heavy, but it made sense. The fights and mecha battle was just average.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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