Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 “Unexpected Guest” Review

Here we are once again with another episode review for Power Rangers Dino Fury. Unfortunately, this will be the last one for some time as we have entered into the dreaded Nickelodeon hiatus. Now, the hiatus has become a standard for Power Rangers ever since Samurai. However, for North American fans this means we will behind several other countries that are not affected. So, for fans in America we either avoid spoilers on social media, or watch the show in conventional ways. Nevertheless, let us hope this episode will ease fans into the hiatus better than previous seasons…


Following the intro, we are thrust into what I think is American original Zord footage, or an overly edited scene. The reason for this assumption is that the Sporix Beast, Doomsnake is Ryusoulger’s Basilisk Minosaur who never grew gigantic. Also, during Ryusoulger the monster fought against Ryusoul Gold and Dino Fury Gold has not debut yet. So, I can only assume that when Dino Fury Gold appears that somehow Doomsnake will return. Whereas, Doomsnake fought the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation in this battle. However, since Doomsnake and the Dino Fury Megazord barely connect with their attacks I think the scene is doctored. Yet, it makes me wonder when was the last time this occurred in Power Rangers? Currently, I can only recall that last time this happened was either in Samurai or the SPD finale.


Anyway, as the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation defeats Doomsnake, Void Knight orders the Sporix Beast Wolfgang to attack. Wolfgang’s attack disrupts the Megazord combination enough to cause the Rangers to eject, and make it fall apart. As the Megazord collapses it looks like it was destroyed, but it is mostly to its building block like design. The scene seems to have been obtained through the use of CGI and the Japanese deluxe toy for the Megazord. Overall, the effect was great and I never thought we would see another instance of Ninja Quest-levels of Zord carnage. Also, here Mucus calls Void Knight his ‘Heinous Highness,’ which I think was a coincidental MMPR 1995 movie reference. Ultimately, Void Knight’s attack is to delay the Rangers from obtaining Sporix Eggs, and put the Zords out of commission.

So, the Rangers regroup and try to solve what caused the issues with Megazord. Then a random bird flies into Zayto, hitting him in on his helmet. Zayto swats away the bird, and it transforms into Ninja Steel’s Mick Kanik! Yes, Kelson Henderson is back as Mick, and he mentions that he has met 40 Ranger teams across the galaxy. Unfortunately, we will not get to see them, but it excites the Dino Fury Rangers as much as it did me. Yet, Zayto is not happy with Mick’s appearance, and demands to know why Mick is here on Earth. Mick explains that he is tracking the Ninja Nexus Prism, but lost its whereabouts when it returned to Earth. Also, Mick explains the significance of what the item is and why he must follow it. However, Zayto does not care and disregards its importance when compared to the Zord issue, so Mick leaves without them.


Now, this scene is rather off-putting to me as Zayto’s attitude towards Mick is unwarranted. In addition, Zayto not wanting to help Mick protect the Ninja Nexus Prism seems out of character. I would assume Rangers would want to help other Rangers, but Zayto seems to want to do the opposite. Whereas, the other Rangers on the Dino Fury team seemed more welcoming to help Mick. So, I am wondering if Zayto sees Mick as a distraction, or is blinded by the Dino Fury team’s mission? However, I think Zayto should have at least tried to divide the team up to try solving both situations. At least giving Mick a chaperone like Amelia would have been better than sending him off alone.

Then we cut to Amelia and Javi at BuzzBlast, there they plan to work on their next assignments. Whereas, Jane and J-Borg are setting up for BuzzBlast’s annual bake-off competition. Unfortunately, things are about to get messy as Mick sneaks into BuzzBlast to use their computers to locate the Prism. While Mick begins to use BuzzBlast’s database, J-Borg notices he is not an employee and tries to apprehend him. To avoid being captured Mick uses his transformation abilities to become a basketball and bounce out of the place. However, Mick and J-Borg wreck the huge cake for the upcoming bake-off. Also, I find it funny that Dino Fury is taking the opportunity to showcase Mick’s alien transformation ability. For those wondering, Mick rarely ever used the power in Ninja Steel except for a few occasions.


Once outside of BuzzBlast, Mick is attacked by Wolfgang who has been ordered to capture him. Thankfully, Mick turns into an RC car to outsmart him, as Amelia calls for back-up. The Ranger unite and morph to combat Wolfgang, as he reveals his sonic roar damaged their Zords. In the battle, Wolfgang’s powers even manage to dissolve the Rangers’ Boost Modes. The Rangers are forced to retreat, and they bring Mick with them to their base. There the Ranger decide to finally help Mick, and he connects his Legendary Ranger Database to their system. With Solon’s help Mick is finally able to pinpoint the Ninja Nexus Prism’s location at the city’s waterfront. So, the Rangers leave to protect the Prism while Mick and Solon devise a plan to stop Wolfgang.

At the waterfront, Zayto decides to try reading the Ninja Nexus Prism’s mind since it is sentient. Immediately, Zayto discovers that Mick explanation of its powers are true, but there are even more secrets it possesses. The Ninja Nexus Prism reveals to Zayto that it was one of the various relics created by the Morphin’ Masters. Now, among the other relics shown besides the Prism are the Dino Thunder Dino Gems and Dino Charge Energems! In addition, Zayto learns the Morphin’ Masters sent the Prism out into the universe to complete specific missions. Furthermore, the Morphin’ Masters are always watching over the various teams of Power Rangers. They have seen everything and have even caused divine interventions to save or reward teams.


Upon seeing this scene, I have obtained answers to some questions and have more questions I need answered. Also, I am already formulating several theories regarding the Morphin’ Masters’ actions and the Prism’s current mission. So, to begin I am assuming the Morphin’ Masters are the ones who actually revived Kendrix in Lost Galaxy. In addition, they had to be the ones to revive Steel as an actual human in Beast Morphers. Whereas, I question did the Morphin’ Masters create the Dino Gems knowing they would kill the dinosaurs? Like was the Dino Gems’ creation part of the universe’s natural progression? Then are viewers and fans to assume the Morphin’ Masters are gods? Now, whatever the case may be these are topics that I want to see discussed and debated within the community. Heck, I want to see other fans’ theories and interpretations too, because for the moment the possibilities are endless!

Now, before Zayto can learn what the Prism’s current mission is, he is interrupted by Boomtower and Wolfgang’s arrival. However, I assume the Prism is there to re-energize the Mosa Razor Zord for the Dino Fury Gold Ranger. At least, that is my theory since the Prism dove into the water, as the Rangers began to fight. Now, the occurring battle is American made, as the Rangers are thrown about and almost trapped under a cliff. Thankfully, Mick arrives to rescue the Rangers by tricking Wolfgang into eating a candy that negates his vocal powers. So, without his powers Wolfgang decides to grow, and Boomtower accompanies him. Then the Rangers call their Zords, and we finally have the Rangers summoning them individually. Also, they call combine together to form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation, the adaptation of Kishiryu-Oh 5 Knights. Together the Rangers quickly strike down Wolfgang, and proceed to defeat Boomtower for good.


Mucus manages to snag Wolfgang’s Sporix Egg, but is unable to reclaim the one Boomtower took. Whereas, the Ninja Nexus Prism leaves Earth, as Mucus manages to escape from the Rangers. Returning to Area 62, Void Knight is enraged that Boomtower’s defeat, but works to power his machine. However, there still is not enough energy to power, so Void Knight furiously retreats to his chambers. Inside Void Knight’s chamber we discover all of his dirty deeds has been to revive his lover who is locked in stasis. So, Void Knight has essentially become Power Rangers’ version of DC comics’ Batman villain, Mr. Freeze! With this revelation I cannot wait for more new episodes of the series. Also, I think this is the first time Power Rangers has featured a villain with a sympathetic backstory. Being evil out of love rather than being an intergalactic conqueror does make me feel somewhat bad for Void Knight. Yet, I still cannot condone Void Knight’s actions since he is allowing others to suffer for his own cause.

The episode concludes with the Rangers returning to the base, and in need of a snack. They unfortunately stumble upon some candy, which is actually Mick’s defective ‘No Howl Drops.’ Yet, Dino-Mama Solon manages to revert the drops’ side-effects on the Rangers by scaring them with her natural dinosaur roars. Also, I never want to see Solon do that again unless she is in an actual fight with Sporix Beasts. Anyway, Zayto finally apologizes to Mick regard his behavior, and askes if he knows about Rafkon. However, Mick says he never heard of it, but exclaims how it has been an honor to work with them. Also, Mick mentions how he is planning on opening a steakhouse in the Lion Galaxy where Rangers might get discounts. Then Mick calls for a Space Taxi and leaves Earth to purse after the Ninja Nexus Prism again.


So, that was episode 8 “Unexpected Guest,” and boy was that an interesting episode! To begin I think the moral of the story that was taught could have been handled better. I do find it really odd Zayto acted like a jerk for no particular reason. Also, the story of helping others in need from Izzy’s episode should have been fresh in Zayto’s mind. Thankfully, Kelson Henderson’s return as Mick and his zany antics made up for the odd narrative. Furthermore, the Hasbro team really handled Mick’s character effectively transitioning from Ninja Steel to Dino Fury. Now, I can only hope Kelson will make future appearances in this season as Mick, or possibly other legacy characters.

Then the next important thing is this episode’s lore building as we got more information on the Morphin’ Masters. As I mentioned earlier, having the Morphin’ Masters create most of the Rangers’ powers makes sense. However, some of the examples shown or not elaborated on will spark debates in the days to come. Currently, the Dino Gems and how they are from the meteor that caused the dinosaurs’ extinction should raise some questions. In addition, I think fans will ask how are the Morphin’ Masters involved with manmade teams like Lightspeed Rescue. Thankfully, we might get some answers from the staff on social media, or through later episodes and in the comics. I would not be surprised if Boom! Studios and Hasbro eventually produce something on the Morphin’ Masters for this year.


Lastly, the most major thing regarding this episode is learning what is Void Knight’s motive for being the villain. Having Void Knight fighting to revive his lover is an incredible turn in events that fans surely did not expect. Now, I cannot wait to see the writers explain who is Void Knight, and how he got his armor. I assume Void Knight had to have stolen the armor, as Zayto sort of recognized it in the first episode. Whereas, a fan-theory being discussed regarding Void Knight’s lover is she maybe an adaptation of Ressha Sentai ToQger’s Madam Noire. Fans believe once the woman in stasis revives, her monster form maybe the Madam Noire suit. This is due to a rumored image of the character being seen on a production wall for Dino Fury. However, it is still a rumor being discussed and theorized upon, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, Hasbro is weaving an interesting and refreshing story for the Power Rangers’ franchise in the form of Dino Fury. I think this episode is a fantastic cliffhanger leading into our required seasonal Nickelodeon programming hiatus. Overall, Power Rangers Dino Fury had a wonderful start similar to Beast Morphers, and raises the fans’ faith in Hasbro. I seriously cannot wait for more episodes to air later this year. So, I am going to sign-off for now, but stay tuned to Hero-Club for all of our other awesome content!


Final Grade: 4.5 out of 5 Power Keys

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