Beyblade Burst English Dub Trailer Streamed

The official Beyblade Facebook page has recently updated with the first English dub trailer for Beyblade Burst.

The Business Wire also posted details regarding the localization of the Beyblade Burst.  The series is set to premiere on Teletoon on Saturday, September 10 at 3pm.  The toyline is currently hitting shelves right now in Canada as a Toys-R-Us exclusive , but will also be released in other retailers later this year.   The toyline will be released in the US starting next January. Beyblade Burst  will also be supported with an app on Android IOS devices in 2017.  The app will allow players to keep a digital collection of their tops where they can customize and battle friends online or locally.  The app will also feature a tournament mode as well.

Source: Official Beyblade Facebook, Business Wire

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