Cosplay Cafe 39: Jihatsu

Happy Friday Cosplay Cafe fam! We have a new cosplayer coming to the cafe this week. It’s none other than Jihatsu. He’s a fantastic cosplayer and it was great being to sit down and talk with him. So sit back and get to know Jihatsu.

Photography by FX Daddy COS


1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

I was into Anime as a child, I remember when I was in fourth grade my father would automatically force me to watch Dragonball Z on Toonami. As a kid right when I got off from school and that would be our bonding time to watch and talk about the episode we watch. Don’t get me wrong video games played a big part in my childhood/teen years, first PlayStation game was FFVII and that’s what threw me into Final Fantasy hell.


2. Did those things influence who you are today?

Absolutely, I feel I would not be the cosplayer/adult that I am if I was not. As a kid, I knew friends/family members that had controlling parents, but my mother who was all about being your self and love what you want also played a big part in me being the “Nerd” that I am.


Photography by Just Jayce

3. Who or what got you into cosplaying?

I feel friends did before I started cosplaying. I was doing interviews/making cosplay music videos at cons and the cosplayers I filmed/interviewed gave me the motivation to try it out. Also the boss I was interviewing for (Greenboye) gave me the knowledge and understanding.  To be honest I don’t think I would have found out about cons as early as I did if it was not for him.


4. What went into making your Seigfried cosplay? Personally, I wish I had seen it at Katsucon because looking at the photos. It looks like a lot of work went into making it.

Man a lot I even lost sleep working on Siegfried. I made most of it with 4mm to 3mm Eva foam from (tnt cosplay) and used free form Air for the details on some of the armor pieces. Of course, the painful part templating making sure everything fits your proportions was also a pain, dying the fabric to make sure the clothing and cape were the right colors from the art and the prop sword Balmung was foam based withs later of worbla and wood puffy for the smooth edges and cover-ups. The sad thing about this cosplay though is that most of it got stolen from hotel staff so it’s more of one-time cos thing until I remake it someday.


Photography by Just Jayce

5. Wigs, I feel are an aspect of cosplay that’s not talked about enough. As someone who’s wig skills are on point. What goes into the process of styling a wig?

Your right I feel most interviews target sewing and armor more, but wigs play a big part for sure.
As for me like I said my mother plays a big part in my growing up as a nerd but also she makes wigs for a living too. So I go to her for all the wig advice and tips she gives me. In a way, she is my wig mentor and I don’t think my wigs would be on point if it was not for tutelage. There is a lot of methods to the wig process of styling to be the character that you want to either layering, splicing, backcombing and heat twist that I have learned being a cosplayer.


6. Off topic question, favorite food?

Hmmm hard to say since I love cooking, I don’t have a specific favorite dish but I love me some seafood I’ll say that.


HL Cosplay & Photography


7. What is one thing you feel the cosplay community can improve on?

That it is for fun, I say those more on for the internet. I have seen rude comments or just unnecessary disputes on someone’s photo cosplaying a character that they feel they did not do a good job on. I mean your validated to your opinion but if it’s to butcher someone’s hard work then maybe keep it to your self I feel at least. This community I feel should be nothing but positive and good vibes because at the end of the day we all nerds dressing up as a favorite character. I could go on about this but going to leave with that.


8. Is there a location you would love to shoot at one day?

I talked about this I can’t say just one but for one of them I would like to shoot in Iceland for the northern lights


Photography by Parker’s Photography

9. Second off topic question, what is one thing you are looking forward to this year?

This year I’m looking forward to more on location shooting (than at con centers). 


10. Can you hint at any cosplays you are currently working on?

Armor, nostalgic, cosmos and Sanctuary.


11. What conventions can people find you at later this year?

Colossal con for sure and Awa as I know of for the moment.


12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

I say followed/homies but I love the love/energy you all give me on anything I do and that you all make my day when you are there for me and meeting you all in person definitely puts a smile on my face. If you know me I’m a goofy guy and super down to earth. If it’s yelling in the halls about how awesome another cosplayer looks. Random dancing with y’all at cons, telling me your stories on your journey of cosplaying/experiences and just knowing my name that I really take that to heart and that you all fuel me to make better work for my self and for you guys.


Social Media Links
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Above are Jihatsu’s social media links as to where you can follow him; as always be sure to check out more of his work. I am really interested in his future cosplay project he has planned. I do not want to spoil it, but if you are a fan of that series, you know what he might be building. Until the cafe opens again, I am still XBen3000 and I am out!

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