Doctor Aphra Wins Star Wars 3.75 Inch Vintage Collection Fan Vote

As the Star Wars Day festivities continue, fans of the 3.75 Inch Vintage Collection will be in for a treat in 2018 as the winner of the fan vote was none other than Doctor Aphra.  

For those who are aren’t familiar with the character, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra is a new character that was introduced in the modern Marvel’s Star Wars comics.  She made her debut in Marvel’s Darth Vader comic series in 2016 and quickly became a fan favorite character in the new expanded universe.

Seeing as I just recently finished the main Vader story about a month or so ago I am quite excited to see a release of Doctor Aphra in the Vintage Collection.  Hopefully she will also be released in the 6 Inch Black Series as well.

Source: Star Wars

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