Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 34 Review

Oh no, Zyuohger has Low Ratings!? EVERYONE SHOULD PANIC! THis could mean Sentai is all over!… Now, I seriously think that won’t happen or at least it not at this moment in time, maybe in  few years that it could happen but for now let’s continue.


This time, we really hit the ground running with a Big mech battle with all three main robos and all four Cube Weapons. Almost like they were showing off toys that are still on the shelves for people to buy. Now, the plot of the episode is about how Cube Whale is pissed off he was never called out to fight.


The Zyuohgers’ reasoning for this is that Whale shouldn’t go and fight as long as Bang Ray is around, so they end up leashing Cube Whale for his own safety. Was it a good move or bad move? I don’t know but ether way it’s building up to something!


The thinks to use a decoy Cube Whale and Goofy Animal hats to attempt to prevent Bang Ray’s memory clone ability, but it doesn’t really work because he has teamed with Kubar, so all their plans fall apart and we get some ‘Team vs Clones’ trope! These fights turn out to be pretty nice to watch, but it ends on Yamato beaten and taken by Bangbar (my name for Bang RayXKubar).

My Thoughts:

So being a dick to Cube Whale leads to the Team taking a beaten? … Ok?! Well good job Zyuohgers, you really did it this time as this one takes the cake, but as I said earlier this is all setting up the Next Episode. The final fight scene nice at least, and here’s hoping the next episode’s fights can top this one!

Ratings: 3 out of 5

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